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Best Selling Mossy Oak Bikinis

April 24, 2012

Camo Bikinis From Realtree & Mossy Oak – The Newest Out!

Most everybody is looking for the newest fashion out when it comes to bikinis, bathing suits and even men’s swimsuits. However, when we tell people that camouflage, yes camo – is one of the top selling material designs on the market, they flip!

Camouflage has come a long way. It used to just be worn by hunters to get the edge over the prey that they hunt. After all the idea behind camouflage was to blend in. The different manufacturers put a lot of time and effort to make sure that the prints did give you an authentic wood like look when basically kept you invisible.

Camouflage Is In – Camo Bikinis and Bathing Suits

Oh yes, and in a big way. Camouflage bathing suit manufacturers such as Mossy Oak and RealTree started a new revolution by starting camo bathing suits for women. They used their standard prints but then added pink trim and pelt belts etc to make some of the top selling bikinis on the market today. Mossy Oak offers several different bathing suits including the Mossy Oak String Bikini that also includes the Camouflage String Bikini Top and Bottoms – both have pink ties and trim. They also offer Mossy Oak Camouflage Swim Skirt, Halter Bathing Suit Top, Mossy Oak Camo Board Shorts for women and several other designs. They have the original print in the Wilderness Dreams collection as well as the Break Up Pretty In Pink series that offers pink trim on all the camo bathing suits for women.

Realtree has taken even to the next level with regards to price and options. The high end of the camouflage bathing suit manufacturers is Realtree and they offer several different selections to choose from when it comes to camo swimsuit choices for women. They offer their Max 4 print, Max 1, Apg Camo and the best selling Ap Pink Camo Print. The Ap Pink series from Realtree offers pink camouflage prints on all of the swimwear!

Not just for hunters! It is the style statement of the year. Finding that perfect suit is always hard but now you can find something new, something sexy and something different in the same place. Just remember that most manufacturers don’t stock the items! We strongly suggest that you find an online store that stocks  all of the bathing suits so that you can get your order quickly. When dealers stock they can get your order in just a day or two. When they have to order from the manufacturer then you will have to wait up to 15 days.

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