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What Are The Top Selling Camouflage Bikinis and Swimwear

May 24, 2012

If you are looking for top selling camouflage bikinis then check out this post. Everyday we have a ton of customers that write us to find out which of the swimwear items are selling the best. They want to know which tops and bottoms are in this year. They also want to know if Mossy Oak or Real Tree has updated or come out with a new line!

Mossy Oak Break Up String Bikini With Pink Ties

This Mossy Oak bikini is our top selling camouflage bikini! It has not changed in several years because it does not need to. This is not your tired old army green bathing suit! Instead it uses the Break Up camouflage pattern that everyone loves for all the different Mossy Oak items and merchandise that they sell. The pattern is unique but 100% represents the camo enthusiast!

The regular flat bottom Mossy Oak Break up bikini bathing suit is our second best seller. Both of the items have a touch of pink. The string bikini has the strings that are pink while the flat bottom bikini has a small belt that is pink as seen in the picture.

Realtree Bikinis and Bathing Suits

We love Realtree and so does America! We sell a ton of the Realtree Bikinis but they are also priced higher than Mossy Oak. The price point allows Mossy Oak to sell a few more of its suits. Realtree Has the Ap Pink camo bikini Line and several others such as Max 4 that look amazing. They do a real good job of merging pink along with the green and browns!

If You are wanting the absolute best looking swimsuits then I would push you toward the Realtree, However if you are concerned about the price and still want a great look then check out what MossyOak has to offer. Every year they tweak their offering just a little bit. So make sure to check out their newest.

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