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Realtree and Mossy Oak Leather Wallets For Men and Women

November 24, 2012

Southern Sisters has the absolute best Leather Camouflage wallets from Realtree and Mossy Oak! There are several different styles to choose from and we have both men’s and women’s leather wallets, bi fold, tri folds and check book covers to name just a few – yes, there is more!

Here are a few pictures!

leather and camo Mossy Oak Wallet

Visit to see both mens and women’s camo wallets including tri fold and bi fold options as well as all the different women’s options that also include pink camo clutch’s and compacts!

The wallet on the left is a combination wallet that has the famous Mossy Oak Break Up Pattern on the outside and brown leather on the inside. It is important to note that even where you see camo patterns it is still leather! These are full grain leather wallets and not filled with heavy amounts of nylon like many of the other billfolds on the market!

The wallet on the right is the Realtree Wallet and uses the Realtree Ap print on the inside and the outside of the tri fold! Both sell very well – it really depends on your personal preference! We have about 10 different options to choose from. Click on the pictures above to go that particular page or you can visit the link listed to find all the different wallets available including the Browning options!

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