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Army Camouflage Bikinis

February 23, 2013

Looking for a high quality, fully lined Army camouflage bikini, then check out the newest addition to our line of camo bikinis! It is the GoberTex Army Design Camouflage Bikini. We have it listed so that you can purchase the bikini top and the bikini bottom separately or you can buy them together and specify a size for the top and the bottoms!

Most of the Army camo bikinis on the market are not full lined. And they are not durable and begin to sag after a few uses!

The Southern Sisters Camo bathing triangle bikini top and bottom use a special material that is made to last and keep its shape to give your body a great fit every single time that it is used. The patter or design is woodlands and has a great look and feel to the material!


army camouflage bikini by southern sisters designs

Army Camo Bikini

Southern Sisters Army Camo Bikini

Army Camouflage Bikini top and bottom!



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