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Military Camouflage Bikini With Pink String Ties

March 19, 2013

We love the Woodlands camouflage pattern for bikinis, shorts and all other types of summer clothes but how do you make them feminine. At Southern Sisters we took one of the best looking patterns and we make it…well…better for anybody that loves pink.

We add pink to army camo and get an amazing bathing suit for women! Check out this pink string camo bikini. There are ties for the back as well as around the neck. You can get this bathing suit in any size from Southern Sisters Designs.

You can purchase the bikini as one unit or you can buy the top and bikini bottom separately. The cost for the total swim suit is around$33. You can, of course pick the sizes on both the top and the bottom when you purchase!

Pink Army Camo Bikini

Pink Army Camo Bikini

We love camo and more importantly we work hard to give you products that you can not find in regular stores. We create quality and unique products that are Southern or Camouflage Based!

Yep, we are camo freaks!!!!

If you are looking for specific products then please contact us and let us know. We have over 900 different and unique camouflage and southern based apparel, swim and similar products! Also don’t forget to visit our facebook page at


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