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Fire and Ice Gun Jewelry

July 19, 2013

What a great name for bullet and gun related jewelry. Fire for the bullet and ice for the stones! We now carry Browning, Colt, Ruger, Winchester and Remington Fire and Ice Gun Related Jewelry such as earrings, pendants, belly rings and similar items that just about any girl would love that loves these brands, shooting or hunting.

What we love about the Fire and Ice Bullet Jewelry Collection is that it is totally unique. Each piece is even different since real bullets are used! And also note that inner part of the bullet is replaced with a stone. The color of the stone can be chosen by you. This means that if you prefer a birth stone color or if you prefer pink or blue that can be placed in the middle of the casing to give you an even more unique look.

There is not a better gift for women that love to hunt, love hunting jewelry or just love the Brands Winchester, Ruger, Colt, Remington, Browning and even Brands Like Mossy Oak! We have them all at the very best prices available to you!

See all of our Gun Jewelry Here.

Fire and Ice Remington Bullet Earrings By Southern Sisters Designs Brand

Winchester Fire and Ice Earrings


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