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Licensed Camouflage Lingerie By Mossy Oak

April 23, 2014

All day long we get asked who has the best camouflage lingerie and the answer is that we do. We carry the Mossy Oak line and the Southern Designs line of lingerie. These are both hunter’s camouflage and army camo panties, camisoles, teddies, baby dolls and much more. We have traditional camo lingerie and we have it with pink. Here is a example of a top seller.

mossy oak lingerie - panties with matching bra that has pink trim or lace This is a top seller and includes the bra and thong set with the pink trim that incorporated into both the bra and the panties. We have over 20 different lingerie items to choose from. We also army camouflage lingerie items that range from bras, camisoles, baby dolls, panties or all types and much more. These are trimmed in pink, purple, black and turqouise to name a few.

If you are looking for pink camo night shirts and pajamas we have all of those items as well. Visit Southern Sisters to find out pricing and see all of the different designs that we have. You can go directly to our camo lingerie page by clicking here.

As always contact us with any questions that may have including availability of plus size items in all of our different apparel items and clothing. We are one of the largest dealers online specializing in women’s camo apparel.


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