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Southern and Rebel Steering Wheel Wraps

March 31, 2020

When it comes to truck and auto license plates, interior deco and much more Southern Sisters Designs has you covered. The Dixie Flag and Don’t Tread on Me Flags are staples in the south and regardless of what most want you to think it is not about a generation of hate. It is about the traditions of the south and southern heritage. The Confederate Flag gets tied to many different things but our favorites are Dukes of Hazard and Dale JR. Of course for those that really study the heritage you will see how it turned and used as a symbol for other things but to us that grew up watching Nascar races and Bo and Luke well this is a remembrance of everything southern and country!

One of the newest items that we have are the truck and car Rebel Flag Steering Wheel covers. These adjust to fit just about any size steering wheels in cars and trucks.

These Dixie Flag Steering Wheel Covers are a stock item and ship really fast. We do tend to sell quite a few of them so there is the occasion that we will run out of stock but most stock is replenished very quickly.

If you are looking for a great gift for the true southern girl or boy, girlfriend or boy friend or similar definitely check these out. Under $20.

We also have the Don’t Tread On Me Steering Wheel Covers and Auto Accessories as well. These are also stock items from Southern Sisters Designs and ships directly from the USA.

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