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Get Your Face Masks

April 4, 2020

Non Medical Face Masks for adults, teens, elderly and kids. The CDC just released a statement that they recommend everybody that goes out wears a face mask. To stay away from the medical face masks so that they professionals have access to them people are buying non medical face masks.

We have quite a few to choose from. These ship from the USA. They are selling fast but we are quickly replenishing all the different masks for women, men, teens, kids and of course the elderly.

The Chinese have stated that the success that they have had with beating Corona was with face masks and sanitizing before they go into public paces and any profession that deals with people wear them.

We believe that the USA will need these to get past Corona but also again when flu season pops again in the fall and winter through the spring of next year.

The masks that we are offering are super comfy and 4 ply or layered cotton. This is one of the best ways to prevent germs from entering by layering. We also have those that have breathable pockets or filters so that you never feel claustrophobic or feel like you are breathing hot air.

Shown below is a washable and reusable 4 layer cotton face mask with super comfortable loops for the ears Super light weight. It also have a inserted sponge filter than is easily removed and replaced. The cost on this one is $8. Click Here For This Washable Face mask and also to see others.

Another mask is the breathable cotton face mask that is very closed except in the ventilated area that allows filtered air to come in so that you don’t feel claustrophobic. Click Here To See This Non medical face mask for consumers to protect themselves.

Check out our website as we are doing what we can to bring in face masks daily for all different ages and that serve different purposes. These are the future for many situations to keep Americans safe.

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