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American Flag Face Masks Made In The USA.

May 2, 2020

Face masks are a hot commodity and will only get hotter as the country opens back and people build up their supply of cloth based masks. The cloth masks are top sellers and perfect for civilians because they effective and can reused over and over once they are washed.

The effectiveness is measured based on if you can blow out a candle through the face mask. You should be able to. The less the flame is affected by a normal blow the more effective the mask.

One of the hottest sellers is the American flag face mask. The stars and stripes are the symbol for America Strong. And finally they are made in the USA which means that we are supplying American jobs everytime that we use order these masks.

Here is the men’s or women’s Red, White and Blue Mask. Important to note that it uses the ear saver method so both straps pull straight over top of the head. So it is the head that actually holds the mask in place. Our American flag face masks click here are shipped in about 5 days. Now they can be shipped sooner but so many people get irate if we do not ship right away. We do carry some stock but these are made here in the USA. We order as the order comes in. So they almost always ship at about the 3-5 day after you order. But understand that many of these are made to order which is way you may have the 5 day lead time.

All of the flag masks are made in the USA along with the floral. Th valve masks are not. They are made outside of the USA.

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