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What Are The Most Popular Men’s Wedding Bands? Check This Out

February 12, 2021

We did a survey at a mall near atlanta georgia. We asked as many men as we could what was the popular wedding ring. We also had another company help us with the survey in Wisconsin. Both of these surprised us. The question that was asked was – what is the ideal wedding ring that you could have.

In Georgia we tried to lean toward any stereo type when picking. For example we didnt pick out 10 guys because they had ford truck hats on. The only thing that mattered to us was that they would actually talk to us.

They were allowed to give us three answers for finding the ultimate ring. They could tell us what the 3 most important things to them were. For example did it matter most that it matched your wife or fiance. Did it matter that it was engraved or inscribed or many did the metal used matter to you etc.

Here are the results:

  1. Wanted a Quality Ring without paying much. Most could not give us a price but did say that they didn’t care how much it cost on the low end as long as it was good. The average price that most men felt was fair was between $50 and $250 depending on the ring. They did not have a problem getting a cheaper ring as long as it was higher quality.
  2. Tungsten mostly and then titanium were to favorite metals used to make the rings.Men did not, did want a sterling silver ring. The majority felt that it was too easily damaged, didn’t look great, turned colors sometimes etc. The metal that was mentioned was tungsten carbide by the men along with titanium.
  3. Durability was a very common theme since the majority of the men classified themselves as active for either work or outside of work. About 75% wanted a ring that could handle getting banged around and would pay more for that
  4. Theme of the ring. This should be listed as a top decision maker. Most men did not want a complicated ring. 55% choose black as their favorite color. The #1 theme was outdoors (hunting, fishing, hiking, camping we lumped into 1 category). Racing, Tire reads and similar was another big theme. Camo was the most represented pattern and definitely #1. Outdoor Scenes like mountains, fishing etc were also mentioned quit a bit. Baseball theme rings were mentioned quite a bit. This was performed by
    1. Did men care if the rings were engraved. They did but only because it mattered to the women. They wanted the women to be happy but ultimately that was something that the ring had to be taken off to see so it could remain special or personal them.

Choices for Patterns on Mens Wedding or Promise Bands:
Plain Black Band 22%
Plain Silver Band 16%
Plain Gold Band 18%
Camo Band 19%
Inlay Rings With Patterns 14%
Mountain or Outdoor Scenes 3%
Sports Themes 2%
With Stones 1%
Novelty and Specialty Made Up the Remainder such as Movie, Partners in Crime, Beauty and Beast, Joker and Harley and more.

Engraved On the Inside 84% (because it mattered to the women)
Wanted Him and His Partner To Have Matching Or Similar No Matter The Bands Choices 31% Unless it Was most Important to her then the percentage climbed up to about 62%.

Visit Southern Sisters to find the very latest in affordable men’s wedding bands and promise rings. We take great pride if offering some of the best outdoors wedding bands ranging from mountain scenes, duck band, fishing rings for men and women, hunting wedding bands as well a large selection of engagement and wedding rings for him and her.

American Flag Wedding Bands, Tire Tread, Sports Such as Baseball are all in high demand. And while we don’t carry all of these themes we do offer a large selection especially in patriotic jewelry for women and men.

Realtree, Mossy Oak, Browning, Remington are just a few of the big names along with Huntress that offer a large selection of hunting tree and leaf patterns in the Max 4 and more designs. Marsh, Snow, Orange Blaze, Purple, Teal or Aqua and of course the one that everyone is talking about is the Midnight Black sets on silver tungsten carbide and titanium. All of these can be engraved.

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