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Where Can I Buy Redneck Baby Clothes?

February 12, 2021

We get this a lot. You’ve got some redneck friends and they just had a baby? Or maybe you’re the redneck and you are wanting to get your own something super cute, funny or representing the rednecks of the world. either way we can help you out. We have both newborn infant all the way up to 2 year old sizes in rompers and also have toddler and youth size tee shirts. Here are a few of the top sellers.

#1 hands down is the Dukes of Hazard General Lee Baby Onesie. Our top seller in Redneck Baby Clothes for nearly 5 years. These are orange with the 01 printed on the front. Remember that the General Lee has the Rebel Flag on the top and back in 1970’s that was about as Red and Southern as you can get and then Dale Jr added it to his car during Nascar races. The General Lee became know as the car of the south and to this day it represents not just Bo and Luke Duke or Boss Hogg. The show represents having fun and good times in the south – Never Doin No Harm!

General Lee Baby Onesie

#2 Best Seller Are The Daddy’s lil Buck and Daddy’s Lil Doe Camouflage Baby Onesie. These are printed on Hunting camo which of course, makes this a southern, redneck favorite. Sizes range from newborn to 2 years old. These have become a top seller for newborns but also one of our best 1 year old baby gifts.

Redneck Baby Clothes with Deer Antler for Hunting Lovers! Daddy’s Little buck with Deer Rack!
Rednecks With Girls gotta love this one!
Funny Fart Baby Onesie. This is a top seller for sure and perfect for this theme.

So there are just a few of our top sellers and are perfect gifts for the Redneck couple down the street or maybe you are them. Either way we guarantee that you will get a Jeff Foxworthy Laugh from these. If you grew up watching Larry The Cable Guy, Ron and Jeff then this might just be the best gift for your friends or family. These are stock items and ship fast while we have stock. We do replenish so if we run out we typically restock quickly. Our goal is to get 95% of all orders out within 24 -48 hours (business days). We have shipped over 139,000 from orders taken online. Southern Sisters is a leader in camo and country baby clothing as well as toddler, youth and adult. We are also one of the leaders in country style jewelry and bathing suits to name just a few. Check Out to find out the very latest in what we have to offer and fair and affordable prices.

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