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What Is The Best Treatment For Burns On Scalp From Bleach and Chemical

March 14, 2021

Coloring, Chemical, Bleach, Straightening, Relaxing Burns – What To Do?

I am pretty sure that just about everyone that has hair treatments has had some type of burn from the these coloring, relaxing, perms, chemicals and more. They burn the scalp and often leave scalp scabs and sores. It can be just one spot or it can be diffuse on the head. The result of what actually happens to the scalp and hair can vary. But understand that just like any burn or skin scar the longer that you leave it untreated the worse the damage can be.

Recently we decided that with all of the scalp and skin issues that we have at Southern Sisters Designs we have done enough research and tried enough products that we can give some pretty solid advice to what worked for us and what didn’t. So when it comes to beauty product reviews we are actually experienced. Not from people sending us hair and skin products but from trying to find great products that helped us and many times continue to help us these ailments.

Without a doubt we can tell you that if you have a scalp burn or neck, forehead, cheek from chemical hair treatments such as perms, straightening procedures, coloring and more that it is important that you bring down the swelling and inflammation right away.

Our own path brought us to a special oil that is amazing for these burns. You see if you leave them untreated on the scalp you can be dealing with skin discoloration, stunted hair growth, scabbing and scarring from these chemical scalp burns can be long lasting and permanent. The oil is a special blend on emu oil with a percentage skimmed and then special antioxidants added for maximum results. Scalp burns from bleach treatments or other hair chemicals can be hard to find. We found that out ourselves. We will be putting up before and after pictures but burn scars left untreated, in our own personal knowledge, left long lasting scars and stunted hair growth in that spot.

For many years Emu Oil has been used for its ability to help with scars and burns and scalp burns are at the very top of the list. This product was nothing short of incredible for those that needed it here.

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