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My Scalp Burns and Itches – What Causes it and How To Get Rid of It

June 14, 2021

When it comes to scalp burning and itching there are several different causes so you have to do a little bit of detective work. The 1st question is whether or not this is a thing that has been going on a while or did it occur after an even. For example if you just had you hair permed, bleached or dyed with color then there is a chance that you had some of the chemicals get on the scalp and this is causing irritation with scalp burns from hair dye. If this is the case then one of the best things that you can use is pure emu oil for hair and scalp to ease the inflammation and burning sensation.

Seborrheic Eczema or Dermatitis Presents Oily Itching Scalp and Burning Along With Sores and Scabs Sometimes

If this is more of an ongoing problems and you seem to think it is like a dandruff problem but with a more itching and possibly even flaking then it could be more like a scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema or seborrhea type problem like seborrheic eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. To tell the difference understand that the word seborrhea stands for oily or sebum. So people, no matter the nationality or race or gender if you have an oily scalp problem and also have the itching or burning then the sebum must be controlled. The best Shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis click here is one that will reduce the excess sebum and also remove the crusty or yellow buildup that accumulates on the scalp and inside the hair follicles often clogged them so slower hair growth and sometimes even no hair growth can occur. The inflammation inside the hair follicle causes it to pinch down and contract on the follicle. This means that the food and oxygen supply are cut down resulting in hair growth issues that can start as coarse and then move into reproduction issues for hair growth or lack there of.

For those that are having facial seborrheic dermatitis make sure to read about how the sebum plays a role and what you can do to help with oils with Zinc Pca and herbs found in Zincplex Brand Hair Care Products but also learn what role diet plays and how understanding your diet can really help control flare ups and reduce the redness, buning, itching, flaking and more.

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