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How To Reduce Sebum Production On Scalp?

July 3, 2021

Over production of sebum on the scalp and skin is ones of the most common problems that both men and women suffer from. The sebum can also cause a lot of different problems if the flow is not reduced. For example most men and women that have the oily scalp or hair will complain of buildup that they feel on the scalp or hair. Often times there are crystallized sebum beads or flakes. These flakes can be hardened sebum or they can be soft and waxy buildup that is almost like a goo or gunk that can build up. Many times along with the excess sebum you can get scalp conditions such as itchy and flaky scalp or head along with sebum plugs that work their way around and also down into hair follicles.

What Can You Do To Reduce Sebum Production

The most common thing that people will do to help with sebum is a clarifying shampoo however, they do not work long term. Day to day use causes a lot of problems including the stripping of the outter skin layer that is there to protect the scalp. Clariyfing shampoos are definitely not the answer and can lead to long term problems.

The Best Mineral and Herbs That You Can Use To Stop Oily Scalp and Hair

The mineral that will change everything for you is zinc pca. This has been studied and proven to work to regulate the amount of sebum that is produced on a daily basis. This means long term results from oily scalp and hair. The most known product line for those looking to prevent excess sebum is the Zincplex product line. It also is known to work for root cleansing and opening clogged scalp pores for getting hair to grow its best.

Here are two steps that you can use to help reduce excess sebum which can cause crusty scalp, scalp blisters, sores on the head and much more. 1st use the best oily scalp shampoo Zincplex. 2nd if you are having extremely oily scalp along with scalp buildup then you should look to use the Zincplex extra strength shampoo or even the scalp scrub. This will open th scalp plugs.

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