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Camo Lingerie, Bra and Panty Choices Are Heating Up!

July 21, 2021

Camo is a multi tier pattern word. It can mean Hunting Camo Patterns like Mossy Oak and Realtree but it can also mean Army camouflage patterns which also have a few different color choices and designs such as desert storm, digital, snake and more. The hunting or outdoor camouflage patterns can have marsh, winter, blaze for fall, pink and of course more purple like Muddy Girl.

All these different patterns and choices are one of the reasons that southern and country girl lingerie never get old news. Each Year they are one of better selling patterns for swimsuits, hoodies, tees, leggings, wedding rings and much more. They are also used for many different wedding themes including military, hunting, southern, country weddings and of course cowboy and cowgirl or western girls love it too!

At Southern Sisters Designs we design, sell and resell a lot of different camouflage lingerie choices from garters to wedding lingerie and everything in between and to be honest most of the time you don’t need a reason to put on our latest baby doll outfit or satin night robe with the traditional deer skull printed on it.

This year We have taken the Country Wedding Lingerie a little bit further with a few funny and perfect wedding gifts that can be a little naughty or risque but perfect for lingerie parties for the bride, honeymoon gifts or bachelorette party gifts.

  1. His Other Ride is A Truck: Sexy Country Girl Panty ( we also have one that says Diesel if your guy drives one )
Funny Country Girl Truck Lingerie Panty

2) Camouflage Bra and Thong – With Purple Lace

Country Bra and Panty Set

3) Hook and Antler Lingerie with Camisole and Sexy Booty Short Panties With Lace

Fishing and Hunting Lingerie at Its Best – Lace and Camo!

These are just a few of the best sellers that we have on sale today! Click the Pictures above or use the links!

Over 150,000 orders sold and shipped by Southern Sisters Designs Beauty and Fashion for the Country and Southern Girls! We have may different country type sections on our website including country wedding rings, We also have an entire section devoted to those that want to create personalized lingerie gifts where names, dates, text and picture options can all be added for those that want to offer custom panties, booty shorts and even camisoles.

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