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What Is The Best Clarifying Shampoo and What Does It Do?

July 21, 2021

The 1st part of the question is obviously and opinion but the overwhelmingly majority of people that use Zincplex will tell you that it is by far for removing scalp buildup and the excess sebum and product build up in the hair but a good clarifying shampoos does much more than that.

Are There Different Grades of These Build Up Removal Shampoos?

We first of all most of these simply strip the hair. This is important to know because just stripping with a really harsh formula that includes a large amount of surfactant can actually a lot more harm than good and this especially applies to the long term. Remember that the exterior layers of the hair and the skin are protectants more than anything. They provide barriers to keep fungus, mites, dirt, bacteria out of the skin. The outter most layers of the hair provide the protection from moisture leaving the hair. So it stands to really that if you are stripping your hair with harsh chemicals that you are also destroying a very important part of the synergy that the body uses to protect itself.

The herbal based treatments are what you want to use to remove all the build up. The most well known is the Zincplex complex of herbs that include the purifying thyme and sage and also burdock which helps to literally melt away stubborn sebum. Sage is great for blood flow but also as an irrigant to open up tough clogs at the opening of the hair follicle and also helps to deep cleanse the inside the hair follicles.

Make sure to get the Herbal Clarifying Shampoo that will Detox and Deep Cleanse to open hair follicles and Remove Buildup.

Hair Product Build Up Before And After Picture

Hair Product Buildup Before and After Picture
Picture of Crusty Scalp, Dandruff, Product, Sebum and Seborrhea Build Up

Which Works Best Shampoos or Scalp Scrubs to Exfoliate

The best hair products to exfoliate the scalp are actually the Mineral Scalp Scrubs. These work by using the salt crystals, herbs and minerals along with slight abrasion on the scalp to open the the hair follicles and remove the hair product buildup. This is extremely important for just about everybody but very important for those that have dandruff, flaking, itching or even slower hair growth problems. It will do an amazing job of getting years of build up in the hair gone in just a few uses.

For nearly 20 years Zincplex Hair Products has been the customer choice for creating a healthy scalp and healthy growing hair from the root all the way to the tip. This means hair that grows the diameter, thickness that it should and at a good rate. This means that your hair shouldn’t break easily and should be one of easiest to style while looking and feeling super hydrated and never dry of coarse.

Almost none of the Top Tier Hair Shampoo Companies do anything to address the build up on the root, inside the follicle and at the opening of the pore. This is vital, especially as we age to keep these areas clean and working properly for healthy hair growth and appearance.

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