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Sexy Camo and Army Boy Shorts and Crop Tanks

August 31, 2021

While sexy costumes seem hard to come by we have some top choices for you, they won’t become boring after just a few times. Why not try sexy army or sexy military this year but with some sexy camo?

        Sexy Army Officer – The sexy soldier costume is readily available at Amazon and very affordable too. This sexy, short little ditty for the female wearer has white stripes on the sleeves, collar and short skirt that comes off quickly with a snap of the finger.

        Sexy Military Officer – One way to be sexy but retain an element of class is seen in this military officer outfit from Southern Sisters. There’s no need to play sergeant here because there are just so many ways you can wear it under your clothes! It’s even ideal as an office costume. How about Report For Booty or Uniform Of Love or even some of the top sellers like Call Of Booty boyshorts or booty shorts for Call Of Duty Sexy Gamer Fans. These are even available in thongs as well.

        Sexy Army Officer – This sexy army officer is sexy and patriotic at the same time, perfect for Halloween or a sexy army costume party.

Call Of Booty Sexy Army Camo Booty Shorts

        Camo G-String – You can also up your wardrobe of sexy camo with this g-string outfit which gives you the option to wear just that under your clothes all day long! They’re especially great under skirts, shorts or if you want to wear them over a bikini. Just snap it on and away you go!

        Camo Bikini Top Halter – Another sexy military themed bikini top halter combo that will really make your costume look even better as well as being very comfortable too. Great to any sexy camo outfit! Pair these together to get a great outfit that is just sexy enough for any halloween get together or to welcome any soldier home.

    Pink Camo Hunting G-Strings – For sexy camo lingerie, take a look at these sexy camo g-strings with a mossy oak or real tree type print. They are sexy but they stay hidden under your regular clothes so you can wear them all day long if you like and go on with your normal activities without having to worry about the outfit! Very sexy as well as very versatile for Halloween costumes or just sexy enough anytime of year too!

        Military Crop T Shirt for Her To Match The Booty Shorts is definitely a top seller- No sexy military costume is really complete unless you have this shirt that looks identical to what the real soldiers wear! Pair it up with any of the above sexy outfits to get truly unique and sexy Halloween costumes ready for this coming season! This type of uniform would also be great for any sexy surprise that you might want to offer. Also great for honeymoons of new military wives just married couples.

When it comes to Valentines Day you might be looking for something special – maybe sexy panties with pearls, sayings or similar.

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