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What Are The Best Camo Wedding Ring Choices For Women or Ladies?

If you know that you are in the market for a camo wedding ring. You know that is exactly what she wants but the guys ring is going to be different. Let’s assume he wants a hunting scene ring instead of a hunting pattern. So what are your choices to get her what she wants.

What Color Inlay Does She Want?
1st question that you have to ask if what if any color has she decided on. In the traditional outdoors patterns like Mossy Oak or Realtree there are several different colors. In the Huntress pattern there is blaze orange, snow white, the best known green or brown pattern, purple, midnight black (my favorite) and now there is a teal that is selling like crazy.

What Color Wedding Band?
For most the answer is either silver or black. But when it comes to certain color patterns the can really dance on black or maybe you like them on silver so it is a really good idea to show them the actual inlay color on the metal color. Here are a few pictures of what the different color patterns look like in the bands. Click The Pictures to take you to the website

Did You Want The Groom To be Able To Buy A Matching Band Down The Road or Maybe as A Second Option Now?
For most manufacturers the rings themselves have matching partner rings in both the band inlay or on the tracks rings that are often bought as a set as well. SO this is not a problem for most. We make sure that all the patterns match but if you are buying from an online stores like Amazon or Walmart they might be showing you a listing that is cheaper and not a matching pattern. The Huntress Southern Sisters Designs Brand all match – guaranteed to?

What Is The Ring Made Out Of – What Metal?
This probably should have been at the top of the list. Stay away from stainless steel. We also do not like sterling silver. This is because there are so many grades and many sellers out there are selling the cheapest grades that will turn your finger green. Stainless stay – stay away from. They are the cheapest and we guarantee they will not do a good job holding the inlay – pattern very well. We feel the same about sterling silver for inlay rings. The patterns as inlays do not do well.

So the answer is titanium or tungsten. We really like both of these. However, there are different grade levels to these as well. We use the highest grade at Southern Sisters Designs Jewelry. There are others that use cheaper grades and sell for 4 times what we charge. Titanium and Tungsten are great metals but they do not cost a ton to get top of the line. WE don’t have to charge you hundreds of dollars to charge a fair price for both us and the customer.

Where Can I Find Your Engagement Rings with The Stone?

Click on the color to find the ladies wedding rings in camo that we offer. The first is the midnight black camo on titanium band princess cut. These sell like you wouldn’t believe. Even though the pattern is fairly new it has quickly taken over as the most sold. Of course the ladies or men’s can be bought separately.

Black Camo Engagement Ring With Stone Under $100

What Are You Willing To Pay?
There was a time when we charged $150 to $300 for an engagement ring. But after many internal company meetings we decided that we just don’t have to. These rings have a cubic zirconia stone that is on a princess cut setting. They are high quality but to be honest we feel that while others charge $200 or more for these. We don’t have to. We can sell these for under $75 and still do good enough. After selling over 128,000 orders to our customers we want to make sure that you are getting our best price and our best value and we feel that this is it

What Is The Size Range That You Are Looking For?
This was one of the things that we took most pride in. We wanted to offer a large range of sizes for women and men and also the half or 1/2 sizes to make sure that you get a great fit. Most ladies rings start at size 4 and go up to size 12. We know that some people buy the inlays for thumb and toe rings as well. Country and southern girls wear a ring anywhere so we wanted to make sure that offered the different sizes?

Does the Company That You Are Buying From Offer A Warranty?
Southern Sisters Designs Brand Jewelry all carry a full 5 Year Warranty on the Ring and lifetime warranty against defects. Defects are cracks, splits, breakage and similar. The 5 year guarantee is on fading of the inlay.

Huntress Sexy Camo Lingerie Set with Camisole and Booty Shorts – Top Seller

Every year there seems to be just a few products that tick up over the others. They do better and the demand just seems to keep climbing and this Huntress Cami and Booty Shorts lingerie outfit is that one this year. The feedback just seems to get better and better every time I check. Without a doubt a top seller but this year it might be our top selling ladies camouflage lingerie item. And that is saying a lot because we sell a ton of hunting lingerie. From the She Hunts, Girls Hunt Too and Families that Hunt Together Stay together crew we sell a lot panties, camis, baby dolls and teddies to name just a few.

Click The Link Above To See The Wild Game Huntress Lingerie Outfit

This one does so well because it is a top and bottom combination that goes really good together and has a great fit. This top and bottom won’t droop or get saggy like a lot will. For those that love Browning, Remington and similar companies you are going to love this set. Sizes range from the xs to the XXL range. They are based on women’s sizes.

These ship fast as they are a stock item. This does not mean that we can guarantee stock but we do our best to keep both the top and the bottoms of this outfit in house. But occasionally we will run out.

Remember that Southern Sisters Designs has been selling camo and country plus Merica patriotic clothes for over 11 years and now we have filled over 127,500 orders and everyday we fill more. Trust us with your next order and see why we are a staple for southern lovers and country pride. Everything from bathing suits, lingerie, underwear, panties, camisoles, shirts, hoodies, bikinis and much more and how could we forget rings. Gotta love camo and all things country and western, southern and more!

Today’s Special is on the 3 pack of lace boy shorts in the different camo colors including blaze orange, black and purple. Love muddy girl then you will love the purple.

To See This Black Lace and Camo Underwear Set Click Here

Men’s Dixie Flag Board Shorts Bathing Suit

So when it comes finding something unique and different for southern men, country boys and yes even rednecks we have you covered. Here are a few of our best sellers that the country boys and yes the country girls rave about. The first is our not so subtle Confederate Flag men’s bathing suit. It is an all over print that has the Battle flag printed on both the front and the back. Year in and year out these are top sellers. They come in several different sizes from small, medium, large, xl and 2x. We do have 3 x in stock sometimes as well.

Men’s Confederate Flag Swimsuit

One of our favorite sellers is also the subtle Flag Boar Shorts in Rebel Red!

Click Here To See These
There is not better swimwear to represent the south and southern traditions than the Southern Sisters Traditions line. We also have quite a few other options that include deer skull, American Flag, country sayings and many more. This week our board shorts are priced 25% off their normal retail price. Click the links about visit our website site page for the items. We also have all the different men’s and women’s tank top options that can either go with these or stand on their own.

Sale On Pink Camo Rings Today! Only $18 for Our $44 Ring!

If you are like most county girls they have often dreamed of that country wedding and there on their finger is the pink camouflage wedding band. But you don’t have to be getting married or engaged to get this ring. It is also one of our best selling friendship rings. It goes great with several men’s wedding band or inlay friendship ring choices as well.

From year to year pink ha become one of the staples for southern, country, western as well as girls that hunt, girls that shoot and women that love the outdoors and activities like hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, hiking and even rodeos, barrel racing and similar. These rings are great for anybody that loves southern traditions and heritage!

So if you are any of the above pay attention! The pink camouflage womens band ring is on sale today for only $18! That is the lowest price we have ever offered and we will not be keeping it at that price long. Great for spring weddings, girls that love pink camouflage and any other reason that you can think of or need. I mean do you really need one with them only costing $18. ON SALE FOR $18 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST PINK CAMO RING

Remember these are not the cheap stainless steel rings that most people are selling. These are premium tungsten and have the silver luster finish that looks and stays awesome!

These ship fast from the South East. Our distribution and shipping headquarters are in atlanta, ga! Also check out our latest and newest colors and patterns including men’s and women’s teal and purple. We will also be adding the newest red pattern here very shortly.

How Long Does These Rings Last?
Every ring is guaranteed for 2 years however we have had customers that have had our jewelry items including the rings, bracelets and necklaces for well over ten years.

Click Here For All Of Our Different Choices In Jewelry

This special price won’t last long or if we run out the sale will be off so make sure to get your order in today. A great surprise or treat yourself with these top sellers from the Deep South Traditions Line by Southern Sisters Designs.

Dad’s Against Daughters Dating Democrats – Now This is Funny

Whether you are a democrat or republican put your party affiliation aside and laugh at this one. It is a tad bit creative if not ingenious. A great take off and a sure laugh getter! Yes, the democrats are gonna shake their heads and probably say something but it is worth it to wear this one.

If your daughter is dating age or approaching you need to wear this one when any of the boys come over to pick her up. With the presidential election coming up this would be a great Trump or Republican candidate supporter tee shirt. Once again Pro Trump you will probably cry laughing if you are against Donald Trump in the 2020 Election then you definitely don’t think that wearing or even see anybody wear this one will Make America Great Again. Sorry we had to put that really bad play on words in their.

Click Here To Get the Dad’s Against Daughters Dating Democrats T Shirt

So here ya go. Oh and by the way the Democrats might want to leave now as we show some of our best selling Trump For 2020 Election apparel for men, women and babies. We will never discuss our political affiliation other than to say that we think being Republican or Democrat makes you nothing more or less than simply being American. Reagan Bush 1984 T Shirts are still some of our hottest sellers and are bought all year round, year in and year out but especially in election years.

Having said that- Here ya go!

Click Here For Make America Safe Again T Shirt

Camouflage Shirts For Women – We Got Em!

With summer coming we often get asked if we have spring and summer camouflage dresses, like sun or short skirts and do we have camo t shirts, tank tops and other cute apparel that can be worn. A lot of ladies are asking for sleeveless or even tank tops. The answer is YES! We do.

We even have jumpsuits in various southern and country girl patterns. We have camo patterns in army or military but also in hunting similar to Mossy Oak and Realtree. The answer if YES! We do.

Here are a few that our customers really love and we are expecting to sell great again this year with a few updates that we have made.

USA Flag Pocket On This Army Camo Tank for Women

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Army Camo Jumpsuit For Women – Great Summer Outfit

This year one of our newest apparel items for women is the army camouflage jumpsuit. Shorts with a super cute look. These are great for shopping, out and about, casual dinner and of course trips to the beach. We love this one and it is already making a big splash, I expect it to be at the top of our sales chart as one of the top items sold throughout the summer. We are stocked pretty good on this item but buy early because some clothing items go really fast.

One of best sellers and has been for a couple of years is the ladies fitted camo tank top in traditional hunting patterns. We actually have this in orange, snow white, black and traditional as well as purple. We sell a lot of these every year and of course we never order enough so make sure to order early.

Click Here To See This Fitted Country Girl Tank With The Deer Skull

Country Girl Necklace For Your Girlfriend or Wife! Antler and Buck!

Trying to find that perfect gift for your girlfriend. She’s little bit or maybe a lot county girl, southern roots so you want something that you know she will that not every girl in America already wearing. uhhh, we got you covered.

Southern Sisters Designs was founded on Southern Traditions an Country Girl or Boy styles. We love everything from Camo to Western, Rodeo, Cowgirl and then of course everything beachy and outdoors fun. So trust us when we tell you that we got you covered.

Here are some of our best selling jewelry choices for country girls, cowgirls, rodeo riders, barn brats, huntress and fishing lovers. Click here for this Antler Necklace

This rhinestone horse pendant is one of our better sellers. Simply click here to see this and many other similar pendants for the girl that loves horses!

This is our infamous His Doe silver bullet pendant that sells so well. This is a perfect gift for Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas and sometimes just to give. As many of these are put up on mirrors as are worn. A great keepsake. To see these click here. We have over 40 different pendant and necklace gift options so visit Southern Sisters Designs Brand to see much more of what we have to offer.