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Couples Hunting Shirts – Matching and Long Sleeve

One of the most ordered gifts for couples on our site is the Couples Hunting Shirts that are matching and can be ordered in different colors and of course different sizes. We love the super funny saying – He’s Got The Rifle and She’s Got the Rack. These are on two different shirts each with their own logo. For country girls and southern style you gotta love this set. These are an in stock item for us. We do have plus sizes available in these as well.

Funny Matching Couples Hunting Shirts. He’s Got the Rifle and She’s Got The Rack

Shown here in black but these are available in different colors. We also have these on a single shirt for her if she would just rather have this on one tee. These are great for valentines, anniversaries, couples gifts, honeymoon t shirts and just about any other gifting reason that you can think of. If they love hunting, fishing, outdoors, shooting, deer, elk and anything with antlers then this is why you should get it now. An in stock item for us but they do sell fast so order now. Always restocking fast if we run out. Printed in the USA.

Buck and Doe Long Sleeve Shirts and Hoodies For Couples and Even Weddings

When it comes to country style weddings this couples shirt is hands down our top seller and not just to everybody in the south. These sell well all over the USA. They are typically associated with the country girl and they are typically associated with the south but some of the biggest hunting states are in the north. If you are looking for a great matching bride groom shirt for a country style wedding then without a doubt this is the best.

Her Buck and His Doe Couples Shirts are Great For Bride and Groom Tees at Country Weddings

We also have these in different colors and sizes. These are available in plus sizes as well and just about all the different colors. We even have these available in camo if you would like that. However, white is out top seller every single year. We do have plus sizes up to 5x for him and her so these are available in small, medium, large, x-large, 2x, 3x and 4x and 5x sizes.

Great for honeymoons and as a gift set for the bride and groom to be at wedding showers etc.

King and Queen Silver and Black Couples Ring Set – Matching

Her King and His Queen Couples Ring Set That Matches.

King an Queen Rings click here in different sizes from 4 all the way up to 16 for him an her and also in silver and black. These are our best sellers for couples every year. Some people get married in them and some use them to say that they are now a couple or maybe even promise rings. These are high quality jewelry items and not the super cheap items that you can find shopping on other sites out there. We love these as a gift for your girl or guy and they are perfect for all times of the year from the wedding season through Valentines, Christmas and many times just as the perfect gift. We call them the honeymoon ring set as many couples get these just to wear on their honeymoon. We have priced these as effectively as possible. Order them now as they can run out of stock. They are a stock item but at times they will sell fast.

Grinch Family Christmas Shirts

Here is where you can buy all the different sizes of the Grinch Family Christmas Shirts and also baby onesies. These are available in all the different sizes including plus sizes for adults of 2x, 3x, 4x,, 5x and also toddler, baby, youth kids sizes as well.

Grinch Family Shirts For Mom, Dad, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Baby, Mimi, Nana and more.

There are a lot of different options but it is hard to find a high quality premium t shirt for all members of the family. These are absolutely perfect for holiday pictures and posts including facebook and instagram. There is not a better t-shirt for family reunions over the holidays either. Great for mom and dad, mommy and me, daddy and me and of course auntie and niece or nephew Christmas pictures and post photos as well. These ship fast and they are shipped from the USA. These are not drop shipped from another country. Order now as they sell fast. There is a good stock but starting now they are going fast.

Top Selling Family Christmas Shirts For 2020

Every year we always get emails asking what are the best selling family christmas shirts and this year 2020 click here is absolutely not different. The top seller has been and will most likely be the Griswold Christmas Vacation T Shirts. We have these in sizes from baby including just born all the way up to adult 5x sizes see here. Plus sizes in Christmas shirts, quality that is can be hard to find so we have those as well. We strongly suggest that you check out the entire section as we have Grinch click here, Elf Movie Holiday funny family shirts and more but the Griswold with Chevy Chase are the hottest sellers. You can get these for babies, youth, toddler kids, adults and of course teen sizes. Looking for large and curvy – yep we got you covered. Grandpa, Grandma, Mimi, Nana, Pop Pop they can all get them here. Check them out and also know that we have the Premium Holiday shirts on sale for under $10 – $9 right now.

T Shirts For The Entire Family With Vacation Station Wagon From the Chevy Chase Griswold Movie. We absolutely love these.

Partners In Crime Couples Gifts – Here Are The Top Sellers

For those that are wanting to get the perfect couples gift for you or for a couple you know here is one of the top sellers. These are in order of which ones we sell best during Christmas and also during Valentines. But remember that we sell a ton of these throughout the year for wedding couples, honey moon couples and just those that want to get their girlfriend or boyfriend a gift. To be honest – Partners In Crime – there really isnt a better way to say it on a gift. The top seller is a jewelry gift

  1. $26 Partners In Crime Bullet Pendants His and Hers in Black click here These black bullet pendants are engraved on the side of each one with partners in crime to make them matching. They both include the silver chain for the necklace. This Christmas we will sell a ton and we stock a lot but most every year we sell out because the celebrities love this one and the minute one puts it on and takes a pic the orders go through the roof so get yours today. These are priced under $26. There truly is not a better just married or boyfriend and girlfriend gift. They are unique, quality of course you guys are partners in crime. Get them today before the crowd hits to purchase these.
Partners in Crime Couples Necklace Set In Black – Top Seller

2) $22 Partners in Crime Couples T Shirt Set – Matching – Choose the color and the sizes on these. Yes we do have larger and plus sizes for both him and her. The plus sizes are xx-large, xxx-large, xxxx-large, xxxxx-large. These are stock items and printed in house so they tend to ship very fast. A great Christmas gift, wedding gift for couples, honey moon t shirts an great for anniversary gifts especially those that have been married for quite some time and are celebrating their anniversary and you want to get shirts made. These are perfect for that.

Partners In Crime T Shirts For Couples – Shown In Black

Matching King and Queen Couples T Shirts Set

I believe that very couple has to have a great matching t shirt set that helps to symbolize who they are as a couple. For years the king and queen rings and then the couples crown hoodies and now without a doubt the custom King and Queen T Shirts click here are the best sellers. These can be customized with either dates or they can add names to the sleeves as well. You can choose many different colors, the top selling color is black. These are often referred to as Royal t shirts and perfect for so many different occasions. For example these are great just married couples shirts that they can wear on any honey moon or for years after they have been married but they can also be great married for years anniversary t-shirts that no matter how long you have been married they work well. If you are couple then really can’t go wrong with this his and hers set. You can choose sizes from small, medium, large, xl, 2x, 3x, 4x and even 5x for women or men. These are the plus sizes that are available and they are sized in unisex. Expect fast shipping in the USA. These shirts are created right here in the USA and ship from the South East.

His and Hers Couples Black King and Queen T Shirts

Depending on the size these are offered in many different colors. Black is shown here but there are pink, grey, charcoal, brown, yellow, blue, navy, royal, gold and many others. Click the t shirts above to see the options available.

Sexy Army Boy Shorts Panties and Garter Belts

If you are looking for sexy military, camo, army lingerie, underwear, thongs, boy shorts, garter belts and more well Southern Sisters Designs Brand has you covered and not just with a few items. We have many different items that you will not find elsewhere.

  1. Sexy Army Camo Panty Boy Short are one of our top sellers and not just for army or military wives. Everybody loves camo and it is super sexy when on!
We do love these Army Camo Hipster panties For Women

2) Sexy Army Camo Garter with Ruffles and Bows

Women’s Sexy Army Camo Garter with Bows

Southern Sisters Designs has over 200 different camouflage related items for women and also for men ranging from the sexiest to the most perfect for your situation. We stock almost all of our items and ship from the USA. Let us ship you your next order. We are perfect for army wives, girlfriends, military wives and loved ones and to be honest anybody that loves camo. We are also one of the leading online sellers hunting camouflage novelty items for women.

Men’s Wood Inlay Rings on Sale – Best Sellers Today’s Special Price $33

When it comes to all the different rings that we have one of the best sellers is the men’s wood inlay ring with the titanium base. Here is a picture of one.

Men’s Wood inlay Ring is a top seller and only $33 Today

We absolutely love this ring because the appearance and the fit. You will not find this ring for this same super low price elsewhere. These are not cheap steel. These are made from the #1 selling ring base which is titanium. The wood inlay is true wood and guaranteed for 10 years from a company that has been around for nearly 15 years and sold over 140,000 orders. Let us get this one to you fast. These are perfect for father’s day gifts, Valentines gift for men, promise rings for that special guy and of course men’s wedding rings with wood inlays and the coveted titanium bands to everyone loves because of the quality and also the light weight feel that they have.

Another top seller is the Koa Woo with the meteorite inlay that everyone is talking about. Once again we price these extremely well for the quality. This is a top quality metal base in titanium and also enhanced and accented with the meteorite material on the ring. We love the look of this ring for men every where. It is unique and different but also a top seller because of the special appearance.

Wood Inlay Ring With Silver Titanium Base and Meteorite Inlay as well. Top Seller and on Sale Today only $30 While Supplies Last.

Funny Husband T Shirt Gift – My Wife Says I Only Have 2 Faults

If you are looking for the perfect t shirt gift for any husband whether it be your own or anybody elses then this shirt pretty much covers it. Super sarcastic but also very true. The words printed on the front say – My Wife Says I only have 2 Faults – I Don’t Listen and I Can’t Remember the other one.

You really can’t go wrong with this t shirt as a father’s day gift, couples that have been married a while, any type of gag gift. The shirt sizes are small all the way up to size 5x. So there are small, medium, large, xl, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and there are many different colors to choose from straight black, navy, royal, red, white and many others. They ship fast but order today. During the holidays, valentines, Christmas and through out the year for anniversaries these sell great. They are one of our top selling valentines gift to husbands to be funny ad sarcastic.

Our best selling funny husband t shirt and is the perfect gift.