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My Scalp Burns and Itches – What Causes it and How To Get Rid of It

When it comes to scalp burning and itching there are several different causes so you have to do a little bit of detective work. The 1st question is whether or not this is a thing that has been going on a while or did it occur after an even. For example if you just had you hair permed, bleached or dyed with color then there is a chance that you had some of the chemicals get on the scalp and this is causing irritation with scalp burns from hair dye. If this is the case then one of the best things that you can use is pure emu oil for hair and scalp to ease the inflammation and burning sensation.

Seborrheic Eczema or Dermatitis Presents Oily Itching Scalp and Burning Along With Sores and Scabs Sometimes

If this is more of an ongoing problems and you seem to think it is like a dandruff problem but with a more itching and possibly even flaking then it could be more like a scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema or seborrhea type problem like seborrheic eczema or seborrheic dermatitis. To tell the difference understand that the word seborrhea stands for oily or sebum. So people, no matter the nationality or race or gender if you have an oily scalp problem and also have the itching or burning then the sebum must be controlled. The best Shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis click here is one that will reduce the excess sebum and also remove the crusty or yellow buildup that accumulates on the scalp and inside the hair follicles often clogged them so slower hair growth and sometimes even no hair growth can occur. The inflammation inside the hair follicle causes it to pinch down and contract on the follicle. This means that the food and oxygen supply are cut down resulting in hair growth issues that can start as coarse and then move into reproduction issues for hair growth or lack there of.

For those that are having facial seborrheic dermatitis make sure to read about how the sebum plays a role and what you can do to help with oils with Zinc Pca and herbs found in Zincplex Brand Hair Care Products but also learn what role diet plays and how understanding your diet can really help control flare ups and reduce the redness, buning, itching, flaking and more.

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Clogged Pores & Follicles On Scalp and How To Clean Them

If you are suffering from different scalp issues such as slow hair growth, dandruff symptoms like itching, flaking, raised red patches or intense itching that can lead to scalp sores and scabs then the culprit may be the sebum that you are emitting and your body’s reaction to it. If you do not cleanse sebum or if it does move freely through the follicle and to the end of the hair then many different chain reactions can occur.

Clogged Hair Follicle – Sebum and Hair Loss Or Thinning In Women and Men

For example the scalp oils that help to minimize dry hair contain different liquids and one of them is cholesterol which helps to feed the alpha reductase enzyme. This is important because that enzyme is what converts Testosterone (found in the scalp of women and men) to DHT. This DHT is known as the hair loss or thinning hormone. Therefore by cleansing away excess sebum inside of the hair follicle you are removing the food supply of the hormone that causes hair loss. Many people believe by just doing this you slow down hair loss by over 70%. That is a huge number for women and men.

Excess Sebum and Seborrheic Dermatitis and Dandruff

Most people never make the connection to oily scalp and dandruff or the symptoms or Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis. In fact hyper-seborrhea or the excess production of the scalp oils is associated with not just the scalp problems listed above but also with thinning, seborrheic eczema, psoriasis and more. Why? Because the main culprit in all of these is scalp fungus, bacteria or mites and sometimes yeast ( yeast tends to be more associated with hair odors and smells and also missing spots of hair – patches of redness and open scalp sores etc ). The sebum also has sugar and cholesterol in its mixture. The mites, fungi and bacteria feed off of this. Therefore if you are not removing this from the hair follicles then you are feeding the above mentioned. For many this is not a problem but odds are if you are already having the symptoms mentioned above then you are having fungus and bacteria that is growing beyond the normal amount that is typically seen or measured on the head or in the pore. This leads to acne, pimples, sores, scabs, itching, flakes, bleeding, intense issues and much more including diffuse and specific hair thinning areas and even patches.

Unclog Hair Follicles For Maximum Hair Growth in Men and Women

A good scalp scrub will open the clogged hair follicles with a light and gentle scrubbing motion and the abrasion from the fine dead sea salt will open the follicle by removing the hardened sebum.

An Anti Fungal Shampoo will help but until you do something to control the excess sebum being produced and open the sebum plugs or clogged hair follicles then your battle will be daily.

  1. Use a Mineral Scalp Scrub Designed To Open Clogged Hair Follicles
  2. Use A Shampoo Like Extra Strength Zincplex to Deep Cleanse Follicles and Prevent Excess Sebum Production click here

Is There A Sebum Reducing Shampoo

Without a doubt there are shampoos that are designed to completely strip away sebum but that is not the best route. These shampoos can strip away the protective layer of the scalp and also the hair. The result is that the glands will ty to produce even more sebum. The best best is to use something that will use herbs and minerals to break down build up. Zinc pca has been proven to regulate the amount of sebum that the body produces. This is the way to go since you actually control the excess sebum without harsh side effects.

How To Reduce Excess Sebum Production Without Hurting Your Hair and Scalp

You will hear many people say that they are looking for an anti sebum shampoo to reduce the amount of oils produced by the sebaceous glands. I reality you want to control the amount of sebum. The oils do play a vital role however in excess there are quite a few things that tend to happen that cause a lot of different scalp problems. Testing has shown that there are certain herbs that do a amazing job of breaking down the scalp oils without targeting or stripping the skin of its protective layer. This layer is what protects you against fungus, bacteria, yeast invasion as well as it protects against dry patches and spot that turn into scabs and sores as well. Don’t sacrifice the ski’s health to strip away build up. There are shampoos that will detox without that harsh stripping that so many clarifying shampoos do. Here is the extra strength version which is the best shampoo for sebum that we could find and the results were absolutely amazing for both women that used it.

Shampoo To Remove Excess Sebum and Also Regulating

What Is The Function of Sebum On the Scalp

The 1st role is to lubricate the skin on the scalp and also the outter layers on the hair. These are the protective layers. So if you dry these out completely then a host of problems can and will most likely occur. Oily scalp shampoo often times just simply strips away the oils which only dries out the hair and scalp and then signals the sebum gland to over produce. This is why most clarifying shampoos do not work. Zinc pca regulates the sebum gland.

The 2nd role is to push out the bacteria, fungus and often times yeast that are present inside the hair follicle. this is the body’s way of expelling these microbial. However, with sebum plugs or clogged hair follicles and pores this does not work. This is why the glands keep producing more and more oils. However, is the expelling does not work then the oils actually feed the fungi and bacteria. That is why it is so important to unclog and clean the hair follicle and openings.

Why Does Sebum Cause Hair Loss?

Simple. If it is not removed it contributes to the inflammatory process which pinches down on the blood supply of the hair. The sebum and cholesterol not only feed the fungus and bacteria inside the follicle but by itself it can cause inflammation if stagnant. Sebum is not meant to hang around. It is meant to move through the hair. Think of it as having an expiration date. When mixed with dirt, product residue, grime and cholesterol it can become very hard and plug or clog the hair follicle opening as well and this is when the hair loss and thinning in both women and men can spiral out of control. Visit the Beauty Review Page Click Here.

Many people that are suffering from other scalp problems that includes scalp sores, scabs on your head, open sores on the head that bleed and often have an intense itch, excess sebum on the scalp and similar problems check out the article by Southern Sisters Designs, a reseller for Zincplex and see how there are specific ingredients that can help with many different scalp issues and problems. How to reduce sebum on the scalp is one of the most asked questions that we get. Click on the article to see some of the latest hair and scalp treatments available to help with this. These can help!

See What Causes Crusty Scalp Buildup in this blog post that discusses the causes and herbs and minerals that can be used to make a big difference in creating a healthy environment for optimal hair growth in men and women. Learn how to get rid of seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp and on the face with the research done in this post. How to help scalp sores and scabs is also something that we have researched and had great success with.

Scabs On Scalp – Everything You Need To Know – Why You Have Them and How Get Rid of Them

I truly believe that only somebody that has experienced this could write about scabs on your scalp but more importantly somebody that had them and found a way to get rid of them without them coming back for over 20 years.

What Causes Scabs On Scalp and Your Head?

There are actually about 3 main reasons why you get these. Here they are.

  1. Fungus related to Dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Seborrhea, Psoriasis. The main fungus culprit in these is malassezia but there are others. There is also bacteria as well as yeast that can cause the sores that will ultimately cause the scabs that you are dealing with. If you have these then you will probably complain that these don’t want to go away very easily. You have probably tried the over the country tar and dandruff shampoos that will give you a little help but no where near solved your problem.
  2. Burns from many different things including chemicals and bleaches that are used during hair treatments and procedures such as coloring, bleach, permanents, relaxers and more.
  3. There are some ski disorders such as cancer that can also cause these. However, these are much more rare. It is always best to get it checked out.

How Do You Get Rid Of Scalp Scabs Especially Those That Don’t Want To Heal Or Go Away?

Ah, this is where I come in. You see for many years I suffered from this. The scabs would occur anywhere on my head, in my eyebrows and yes even in outter ear. These were itchy and some were tiny and small some were large. I had seen several doctors and they said they were dandruff scabs or from seborrheic dermatitis. They told me I was allergic to my oils. They put me on steroids and gave me stronger shampoos like ketaconazale at higher strength. But while these did help some within a bit they were right back on head again. Here is the good news. It got me going and really researching.

1st of all – if you have a chemical or bleach burn make sure to use the emu oil as that is not only amazing for healing the scalp it is vital for prevention of scarring. The scars can prevent normal function of the hair follicle which could mean hair loss.

For most of us the culprit is fungus, bacteria and yeast and they could be separately or all together. For me it was mainly fungus. But using a fungus shampoo will not – WILL NOT – get you long term results. The fungus is there because you have damaged the the outter skin on the scalp that protects you scalp from these fungus and bacteria. This lipid barrier has to be restored. Also the fungus and bacteria must be knocked back but that will only happen when the hair follicle is open and unclogged. We do not know of any over the counter shampoos that even try to do this. Finally the ph of the hair products must be changed. These are probably one of the primary culprits behind destroying the protective barrier o the scalp. Lower ph shampoos and hair products must be used.

I tell you all of this to tell you that 20 years later I am not dealing with scabs on my head. I have used the Zincplex Shampoo and Conditioner and also the emu oil for hair. However, now since I don’t have scabs I only use Zincplex occasionally to keep my hair health in tact. My hair is as healthy as it has ever been and remember that this is 25 years later.

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For Scabs associated with burns then here is what you are looking for!

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Jojoba Oil For Hair and Skin – Does It Work?

When it comes to hair and skin oil treatments we did a lot of research in trying to find some of the best oils for hair and also for the skin but to be honest we found out more about the skin after doing the research. We were looking for the best hair oils for hair growth. I had heard quite a bit about hair oils that would help with moisture content but I also learned that moisture content was only a small part of what I needed to get my hair healthy again. I learned about the different bacteria and also fungus that can grow on the scalp out of control or at least unchecked. While researching about the best oils I kept coming across Jojoba oil and also Argan oil for hair growth.

Why Does Jojoba Oil Help So Much With Healthy Hair and Growth

I learned as we get older is more about build up of hormones like dht in both women and men as well as product buildup. The buildup on the scalp is the primary cause of clogged follicles. It will combine with the sebum and cholesterol that our own body produces and this will form these hardened sebum plugs. These are one of the main reasons why hair growth suffers. The 2nd reason is that most hair shampoos and even treatments destroy the scalp’s outter protective layer. The is called a lipid barrier and when it is penetrated then fungus and bacteria as well as yeast and even molds can get out of control and this is when may real problems begin. There are a host of problems like really oil skin or even dry patches. Itching, flaking, redness and swelling causes scaling and white gunk issues or bad dandruff patches and more.

Why Do Certain Oils Work So Well For Hair Growth and Healthy Scalp?

The inflammation that this causes is the main culprit. The squeeze caused by the inflammation inside the hair follicle pinches the blood supply and actually chokes the hair. The result is much slower growth but also a much worse appearance in the health of the hair. Just by allowing the micro blood flow to feed the hair then the hair will thrive and it will grow as it should with optimal hair growth in men and women.

Specific oils reduce the inflammation by cleaning out the follicle and pores. And there are some that do a really good job of feeding nutrition to the matrix cells once the purification has taken place in the follicles and pores.

Find a great oil combination for the hair was easy once we learned what oil was the best at cleansing and purifying and then others at providing optimal nourishment.

Here is What You Need to Know About Oils

Jojoba oil for hair and skin is one of the best oils for purifying and deep cleansing the pores and hair follicle without having to use detergents in any way. very easy to use and within about 20 days breaking down of sebum plugs and clogged hair follicles will be well under way. The re building of the lipid barrier will also be under way. This is vital to ending many of the skin and hair problems that we suffer from today. Once both of these are taken care of you will see optimal growth that is much faster than what you are getting today. It is great for women, men, curly, straight, natural, permed, color treated and more. a truly wonderful hair and face oil for those that want to unclog the pores.

Jojoba Oil
1) Deep Cleanse Skin Pores and Hair Follicles – Remove Sebum Build Up And Open Up
2) Rebuild The Skin and Scalps Outter Protective Layer To Protect Against Fungus and Bacteria and End Dry and Also Oily Problems
3) Nourish the Root of the Hair Like Only Fatty Acid Chains Can – The Natural Vitamins for Growth
(remember that skin and hair are the two fastest reproducing cells on the body. They need more!)

Pure Jojoba Oil For Face and Hair
Accelerate Hair Growth Oil

What Is The Best Treatment For Burns On Scalp From Bleach and Chemical

Coloring, Chemical, Bleach, Straightening, Relaxing Burns – What To Do?

I am pretty sure that just about everyone that has hair treatments has had some type of burn from the these coloring, relaxing, perms, chemicals and more. They burn the scalp and often leave scalp scabs and sores. It can be just one spot or it can be diffuse on the head. The result of what actually happens to the scalp and hair can vary. But understand that just like any burn or skin scar the longer that you leave it untreated the worse the damage can be.

Recently we decided that with all of the scalp and skin issues that we have at Southern Sisters Designs we have done enough research and tried enough products that we can give some pretty solid advice to what worked for us and what didn’t. So when it comes to beauty product reviews we are actually experienced. Not from people sending us hair and skin products but from trying to find great products that helped us and many times continue to help us these ailments.

Without a doubt we can tell you that if you have a scalp burn or neck, forehead, cheek from chemical hair treatments such as perms, straightening procedures, coloring and more that it is important that you bring down the swelling and inflammation right away.

Our own path brought us to a special oil that is amazing for these burns. You see if you leave them untreated on the scalp you can be dealing with skin discoloration, stunted hair growth, scabbing and scarring from these chemical scalp burns can be long lasting and permanent. The oil is a special blend on emu oil with a percentage skimmed and then special antioxidants added for maximum results. Scalp burns from bleach treatments or other hair chemicals can be hard to find. We found that out ourselves. We will be putting up before and after pictures but burn scars left untreated, in our own personal knowledge, left long lasting scars and stunted hair growth in that spot.

For many years Emu Oil has been used for its ability to help with scars and burns and scalp burns are at the very top of the list. This product was nothing short of incredible for those that needed it here.

Check out Health and Beauty Section To Find The Latest Products That We Have Added for very specific problems that we have run into.

Which Shampoo Actually Gets Rid of Smelly Hair and Scalp Odor?

Most people want to know the top 10 or top 5 clarifying shampoos or deep cleansers because they are having some of the more common scalp or hair problems. But to be honest after all that I have gone through with my hair and scalp problems I can tell you that you should not be looking for a shampoo to clarify. Why? because they can be very harsh on the hair and scalp. They are designed to strip the hair and the scalp. This means that they also strip the vital outter layer of the scalp and also the coating, sheathing of the hair. Not good – especially for long term hair health. These same branded conditioners will then coat the hair with dimethicone – which is lightweight and will make your hair look good but it is not actually good for the hair.

How Do You Get To The Source of The Problem

Balance! That is the key word. If you are having smelly hair and scalp odor issues on the head, ears, eyebrows and even around your nose then the bacteria or fungal balance is now out of balance. Remember that everywhere on your body there is bacteria and fungus. When you start having problems is when this delicate balance tops to the fungus or bacteria side. So what causes scalp odor? The primary thing that causes this are anti biotics that allow fungus to grow, harsh shampoos that strip the outter layer of the skin and also raise the ph too high to protect it and finally the blockages that happen at the hair. All of the together allow fungus and bacterial growth to accelerate.

What Do You Need To Do To Get Back To Healthy Hair and Scalp

Deep Cleanse, Detoxify, Restore Balance and Restore Proper Ph. It sounds like a lot and if you do not use the correct products you could be chasing this for years. However, there a product or I should say a company that has done all of this for you. The product uses a special blend of herbs. These are designed to purify, melt away sebum and hair follicle blockages, irrigate the hair follicle which helps to expel sebum, coatings but also bacteria and fungi that have set up camp there. The shampoo’s ph helps to restore the proper ph level to the scalp to protect it against foreign invaders – this is vital for long term results.

What Are The Best Country Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Gifts?

Every year people are looking for great gift for both the groom but he is also looking for great gifts to get his groomsmen, best man and other people in the wedding party. This is why we have put together a few top sellers that are sure to appeal to the Country Boy in all of us and maybe even a little bit southern. Click on the pictures below to see some of the options.If you cannot find what you are looking for on the site make sure to use the search function. Happy hunting – for a gift that is!

American Flag Camouflage Mason Jar Makes A Great Gift
  1. American Flag On Camo Mason Jars – These can also be customized as well. You can add dates, names, wedding sayings and just about anything you can think of that will fit in the print area. There are two different listings. One has the Tattered American Flag on Camo and Is Not Customized. The 2nd is customized to where to add the info we listed above. These are also great for military weddings or southern style

We Will Be Updating The Best Country Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Gifts Always

2) Camo Tumblers – You can get these in a lot of different patterns of camouflage including both hunting and army patterns. These can also be customized with names and dates to make them personalized or special for your occasions.

Camo Tumblers for Him or Her

3) Good Old Fashion Camo Beer Stein – to me this is the ultimate Groom Gift. You can also personalize this one as well. I personally have used this one and did a his and hers bride and groom gift set of camo beer steins. I used the pink for hers and the traditional hunting camo for his. A great bridal gift set.

Beer Steins For Country Wedding Gifts

Country Wedding Gifts Next

We will be doing a whole blog post on some of the best gifts for anybody that you know is country at heart. From truck lovers to our door lovers from camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and other activities. Sometimes trying to find a unique gift for the new couple of bridal parties can be hard. We have done the legwork for you so check back soon for our post on the COUNTRY WEDDING GIFTS! We will make sure to include many of the his and her sets as well. These won’t be just for married or engaged we will also have great options for boyfriend and girlfriends.

Where Can I Buy Country and Western Promise Rings?

We have a few really good suggestions for you. It also depends on how much you want to spend. Southern Sisters Designs makes sure to keep our rings high quality by only using Tungsten an Titanium metals in our rings but we keep these prices affordable for the quality that you are getting. Value! Country Couples Rings are top sellers every single year.

Here are a few of our top sellers. These are sold as a set for his and hers promise rings but they are also sold individually for any guy or girl that wants to be just the one. We also have hunting rings for her. Country girl rings with His Doe engraved on the silver tungsten rings.

When we say Country and Western, especially with regards to rings, bracelets and jewelry the very ring set that we think of is the Her Cowboy and His Angel or His Cowgirl. We have both women’s choices available in the set. Both his and hers are made out of premium tungsten carbide. Here is why this matters. Tungsten is one of the most durable metals. It is very hard and we mean very hard to damage so for the cowboy that is active, no matter the job the ring holds up. It keeps its luster and you will not find any marks, chips, denting or anything along those lines. These are premium rings yet the price is extremely affordable. We sell quite a few of all of our rings which allows us to keep the price lower.

Her Cowboy and His Angel Country and Western Promise or Wedding Ring Set. Under $60

Her Cowboy and His Angel Country Promise Rings in Silver Tungsten 6 mm and 8 mm.
Her Cowboy and His Cowgirl Country and Western Promise Rings for under $50 Premium Tungsten

Girlfriend and Boyfriend or For Country Western Wedding Bands

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One more great option is the #1 best seller that we have for couples. We sell them for girlfriend and boyfriend, wedding rings, promise ring set and more. They have the silver tungsten premium bands and the sizes are 6 mm for hers in width and 8 mm for his. They are timeless and the camouflage inlay is priceless. Check them out here.

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Those are just a few of the options that we offer. Remember that Southern Sisters Designs was built and caters to Country and Southern customers or at least their taste. Hope this helps in finding some great ring sets for whatever occasion you might need them for. All of our Country and Camo Rings Are Here.