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Is There A Sebum Reducing Shampoo

March 15, 2021

Without a doubt there are shampoos that are designed to completely strip away sebum but that is not the best route. These shampoos can strip away the protective layer of the scalp and also the hair. The result is that the glands will ty to produce even more sebum. The best best is to use something that will use herbs and minerals to break down build up. Zinc pca has been proven to regulate the amount of sebum that the body produces. This is the way to go since you actually control the excess sebum without harsh side effects.

How To Reduce Excess Sebum Production Without Hurting Your Hair and Scalp

You will hear many people say that they are looking for an anti sebum shampoo to reduce the amount of oils produced by the sebaceous glands. I reality you want to control the amount of sebum. The oils do play a vital role however in excess there are quite a few things that tend to happen that cause a lot of different scalp problems. Testing has shown that there are certain herbs that do a amazing job of breaking down the scalp oils without targeting or stripping the skin of its protective layer. This layer is what protects you against fungus, bacteria, yeast invasion as well as it protects against dry patches and spot that turn into scabs and sores as well. Don’t sacrifice the ski’s health to strip away build up. There are shampoos that will detox without that harsh stripping that so many clarifying shampoos do. Here is the extra strength version which is the best shampoo for sebum that we could find and the results were absolutely amazing for both women that used it.

Shampoo To Remove Excess Sebum and Also Regulating

What Is The Function of Sebum On the Scalp

The 1st role is to lubricate the skin on the scalp and also the outter layers on the hair. These are the protective layers. So if you dry these out completely then a host of problems can and will most likely occur.

The 2nd role is to push out the bacteria, fungus and often times yeast that are present inside the hair follicle. this is the body’s way of expelling these microbial. However, with sebum plugs or clogged hair follicles and pores this does not work. This is why the glands keep producing more and more oils. However, is the expelling does not work then the oils actually feed the fungi and bacteria. That is why it is so important to unclog and clean the hair follicle and openings.

Why Does Sebum Cause Hair Loss?

Simple. If it is not removed it contributes to the inflammatory process which pinches down on the blood supply of the hair. The sebum and cholesterol not only feed the fungus and bacteria inside the follicle but by itself it can cause inflammation if stagnant. Sebum is not meant to hang around. It is meant to move through the hair. Think of it as having an expiration date. When mixed with dirt, product residue, grime and cholesterol it can become very hard and plug or clog the hair follicle opening as well and this is when the hair loss and thinning in both women and men can spiral out of control. Visit the Beauty Review Page Click Here.

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