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We Still Sell Southern Flag Clothing

With all the uproar we want everybody to know that Southern Sisters Designs still sells Confederate Flag Clothing. We have never felt that it was about hate or prejudice. We believe that it is about Southern Pride – The Southern Flag States flew the Confederate Flag for many years. As with any item – the flag can be turned into something it was not meant to be. We love the South and will continue to sell clothing and much more that represent the South.


The Newest In Camo and Hunting Lingerie

Not anywhere else will you find Deer Skull Lingerie or the large selection of Hunting camouflage lingerie like you will find at

We have over 100 unique camo lingerie items including panties, camisoles, bras, teddies, baby dolls and everything and anything in between. Here are some of our best sellers.

mossy oak lingerie - panties with matching bra that has pink trim or lace

pink-longslleve-dder robesatindeerskull1-111 1-112 1-alingerie 1-pinkdeersatin 41WYgjmgWHL._SX300_ 51IiXFuYAOL._UX522_ 61rRoHkHL5L._UX522_ 61tbUDMwhsL._UX522_ 4485 bella-white-guns buckpink deerskullpanties deerskullwhite girlswithguns2 justmarried southerncamobabydollwithpanty


Order All Camouflage Lingerie Items By Clicking Here


Hunters Camouflage Leggings

Love Brands Like Mossy Oak Or Realtree Camo then you will love these new camouflage tights. We carry them in sizes from small to 3x. They are of our best selling Huntress Brand and are guaranteed to be the perfect fit!  We have these in regular camouflage and also in black camo and in winter white. These are all good sellers and all come in all the sizes mentioned above.

camo leggings  To Order These Visit

We also have standard army camouflage tights as well!

army camouflage tights You can order these by visiting us here

Southern Sisters Designs has over 1000 different camo related items for both women and men that are very hard to find elsewhere. Our apparel sections includ everything from winter apparel to summer wear. Check out our huge selection of hoodiese, long sleeve shirts, t shirts and even tank tops.

We also specialize in pink, orange and white camo apparel items that are not found anywhere else! We guarantee it!

And if you are looking for the perfect gift then check us out at

Great New Camo Rings – Wedding Promise or Gifts

We have some of the coolest new camouflage rings available that cannot be found elsewhere! First we are introducing a silver ring with a black camouflage pattern on the inlay. These come in women’s and men’s sizes ranging from 5 to 16. They can be used on the traditional ring finger or on the thumb. We have sizes for all. This is one of our hottest patterns. It does also come on the black ring as well – which is black on black!

blackcamoringwithsilver blackcamoring

Both of these have quickly become top sellers – and at under $40 (on Sale) the price cannot be beat. We choose tungsten rings because they cannot be scratched and the metal looks amazing for the life of the ring. We also guarantee these rings against fading. Top quality for an affordable price!

Here is another new camouflage ring called Winter White Camo and is great for the fall or winter to show off your love of the outdoors and camouflage!


This is the Winter White Camouflage ring that has a great fall, winter scene on an 8mm ring. It is great for women or men. Perfect for hunting fans or just fans of the outdoors. The cost is under $40 and it has free shipping.

You can find all of these camouflage rings here

See All Of Southern Designs great rings by using the link about. Everything camo for women and men is found at Southern Sisters Designs. We love Country Girl Jewelry items such as rings, deer pendants, antler rings and much  more. Visit us at

We also carry a wide variety of deer skull jewelry, shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts and pajamas etc. Check out our site the very latest in all kinds of Southern Girl, Country Girl Type Clothes, Huntress and Much more!

Purple String Camo Bikini And Purple Trim Board Shorts


Love Camo? And You Want To Find the very latest in camo bikinis that are new and different. We have them at Southern Sisters We have the orange, purple and white string bikinis that are available on the popular Hunter’s camouflage pattern. These are all top sellers.

Each bikini has a removable padded top as well as a lined bottom. These are super high quality and not something you will find at Walmart.  Here are a few pictures along with buying links for each of these bathing suits.

Find All Of Our Camo Bikinis and Board Shorts By Clicking Here.

1-orange 1-purple-whitebackground purpleshortswhitebackground

Order The Purple String Hunter’s Camo Bikini Here

Remember that is the leader in fashion camo. This means that both ladies and men can find swimwear, t shirts, shorts, long sleeve shirts, hats and much more on our site. These are typically custom made in our facility with our special hunter’s camo pattern. Love Camo? Yep – so do we! But we also have a lot of Buck and Deer Antler and Deerk Skull Shirts that are for both men and women. Yes, we have bling in both pink camo and regular camouflage!

These are stock items and ready to ship. Order today and expect to receive in the next 4 to 8 days. 


Purple String Camouflage Bikini – One Of A Kind – Instant Best Seller

Many of our customers love the camo look especially in Hunter’s camo but they are looking for more than just the typical that is out there. Southern Sisters Designs is always finding new items and creating new apparel for women that love the Western, Outdoors and camo look. We have brought you rings, shirts, socks, shoes, boots and much more. Now we bring you exactly what you asked for.

We are launching Pink, Purple, White and Orange String Hunter’s Camo Bikinis! The Brand Is Southern Designs and the quality is top notch. Expect removable pads with each women’s bikini – also expect a full lined bottom. We do not like sag and we like our customers to be able to decide whether they want to remove the top pads.

Here is a look at the Purple String Bikini and the link that you can purchase it from!




These are just a few of our top sellers that women and teens love!

Check out Southern Sisters Designs to find out more about all of these items plus check back to see all of the new items that we have coming in! We are constantly adding and creating!

How About A Brand New Handbag – Camo That Is!

Check out the very latest that we have in all different Mossy Oak and Realtree handbags. We have all the different colors and designs including Max by Realtree as well as XG and APG and AP as well as all the different Mossy Oak Patterns. You can get them with bling rhinestones etc or without.

These are perfect for any cowgirl or western wear lover as well the hunters in the family! Check back as we are adding at least a few purses ever week along with the matching wallets etc. And we are also adding belts!

camo purses with pink

We have all the different styles of bags as well as carry and conceal handbags for the women that carry guns! Contact us with any questions that you have.


Southern Sisters Designs works very hard to bring you items that absolutely nobody can get for you! We manufacture many of our own items and we also have many items custom made for the absolute most unique items in the world.



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