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What Are The Best Country Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Gifts?

Every year people are looking for great gift for both the groom but he is also looking for great gifts to get his groomsmen, best man and other people in the wedding party. This is why we have put together a few top sellers that are sure to appeal to the Country Boy in all of us and maybe even a little bit southern. Click on the pictures below to see some of the options.If you cannot find what you are looking for on the site make sure to use the search function. Happy hunting – for a gift that is!

American Flag Camouflage Mason Jar Makes A Great Gift
  1. American Flag On Camo Mason Jars – These can also be customized as well. You can add dates, names, wedding sayings and just about anything you can think of that will fit in the print area. There are two different listings. One has the Tattered American Flag on Camo and Is Not Customized. The 2nd is customized to where to add the info we listed above. These are also great for military weddings or southern style

We Will Be Updating The Best Country Wedding Groom and Groomsmen Gifts Always

2) Camo Tumblers – You can get these in a lot of different patterns of camouflage including both hunting and army patterns. These can also be customized with names and dates to make them personalized or special for your occasions.

Camo Tumblers for Him or Her

3) Good Old Fashion Camo Beer Stein – to me this is the ultimate Groom Gift. You can also personalize this one as well. I personally have used this one and did a his and hers bride and groom gift set of camo beer steins. I used the pink for hers and the traditional hunting camo for his. A great bridal gift set.

Beer Steins For Country Wedding Gifts

Country Wedding Gifts Next

We will be doing a whole blog post on some of the best gifts for anybody that you know is country at heart. From truck lovers to our door lovers from camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and other activities. Sometimes trying to find a unique gift for the new couple of bridal parties can be hard. We have done the legwork for you so check back soon for our post on the COUNTRY WEDDING GIFTS! We will make sure to include many of the his and her sets as well. These won’t be just for married or engaged we will also have great options for boyfriend and girlfriends.

Where Can I Buy Country and Western Promise Rings?

We have a few really good suggestions for you. It also depends on how much you want to spend. Southern Sisters Designs makes sure to keep our rings high quality by only using Tungsten an Titanium metals in our rings but we keep these prices affordable for the quality that you are getting. Value!

Here are a few of our top sellers. These are sold as a set for his and hers promise rings but they are also sold individually for any guy or girl that wants to be just the one.

When we say Country and Western, especially with regards to rings, bracelets and jewelry the very ring set that we think of is the Her Cowboy and His Angel or His Cowgirl. We have both women’s choices available in the set. Both his and hers are made out of premium tungsten carbide. Here is why this matters. Tungsten is one of the most durable metals. It is very hard and we mean very hard to damage so for the cowboy that is active, no matter the job the ring holds up. It keeps its luster and you will not find any marks, chips, denting or anything along those lines. These are premium rings yet the price is extremely affordable. We sell quite a few of all of our rings which allows us to keep the price lower.

Her Cowboy and His Angel Country and Western Promise or Wedding Ring Set. Under $60

Her Cowboy and His Angel Country Promise Rings in Silver Tungsten 6 mm and 8 mm.
Her Cowboy and His Cowgirl Country and Western Promise Rings for under $50 Premium Tungsten

Both of the sets shown above are available in black. Click Here To See The Black Tungsten Rings in Cowboy and Angel.

One more great option is the #1 best seller that we have for couples. We sell them for girlfriend and boyfriend, wedding rings, promise ring set and more. They have the silver tungsten premium bands and the sizes are 6 mm for hers in width and 8 mm for his. They are timeless and the camouflage inlay is priceless. Check them out here.

Click Here To See These

Those are just a few of the options that we offer. Remember that Southern Sisters Designs was built and caters to Country and Southern customers or at least their taste. Hope this helps in finding some great ring sets for whatever occasion you might need them for. All of our Country and Camo Rings Are Here.

Where Can I Buy Redneck Baby Clothes?

We get this a lot. You’ve got some redneck friends and they just had a baby? Or maybe you’re the redneck and you are wanting to get your own something super cute, funny or representing the rednecks of the world. either way we can help you out. We have both newborn infant all the way up to 2 year old sizes in rompers and also have toddler and youth size tee shirts. Here are a few of the top sellers.

#1 hands down is the Dukes of Hazard General Lee Baby Onesie. Our top seller in Redneck Baby Clothes for nearly 5 years. These are orange with the 01 printed on the front. Remember that the General Lee has the Rebel Flag on the top and back in 1970’s that was about as Red and Southern as you can get and then Dale Jr added it to his car during Nascar races. The General Lee became know as the car of the south and to this day it represents not just Bo and Luke Duke or Boss Hogg. The show represents having fun and good times in the south – Never Doin No Harm!

General Lee Baby Onesie

#2 Best Seller Are The Daddy’s lil Buck and Daddy’s Lil Doe Camouflage Baby Onesie. These are printed on Hunting camo which of course, makes this a southern, redneck favorite. Sizes range from newborn to 2 years old. These have become a top seller for newborns but also one of our best 1 year old baby gifts.

Redneck Baby Clothes with Deer Antler for Hunting Lovers! Daddy’s Little buck with Deer Rack!
Rednecks With Girls gotta love this one!
Funny Fart Baby Onesie. This is a top seller for sure and perfect for this theme.

So there are just a few of our top sellers and are perfect gifts for the Redneck couple down the street or maybe you are them. Either way we guarantee that you will get a Jeff Foxworthy Laugh from these. If you grew up watching Larry The Cable Guy, Ron and Jeff then this might just be the best gift for your friends or family. These are stock items and ship fast while we have stock. We do replenish so if we run out we typically restock quickly. Our goal is to get 95% of all orders out within 24 -48 hours (business days). We have shipped over 139,000 from orders taken online. Southern Sisters is a leader in camo and country baby clothing as well as toddler, youth and adult. We are also one of the leaders in country style jewelry and bathing suits to name just a few. Check Out to find out the very latest in what we have to offer and fair and affordable prices.

What Are The Most Popular Men’s Wedding Bands? Check This Out

We did a survey at a mall near atlanta georgia. We asked as many men as we could what was the popular wedding ring. We also had another company help us with the survey in Wisconsin. Both of these surprised us. The question that was asked was – what is the ideal wedding ring that you could have.

In Georgia we tried to lean toward any stereo type when picking. For example we didnt pick out 10 guys because they had ford truck hats on. The only thing that mattered to us was that they would actually talk to us.

They were allowed to give us three answers for finding the ultimate ring. They could tell us what the 3 most important things to them were. For example did it matter most that it matched your wife or fiance. Did it matter that it was engraved or inscribed or many did the metal used matter to you etc.

Here are the results:

  1. Wanted a Quality Ring without paying much. Most could not give us a price but did say that they didn’t care how much it cost on the low end as long as it was good. The average price that most men felt was fair was between $50 and $250 depending on the ring. They did not have a problem getting a cheaper ring as long as it was higher quality.
  2. Tungsten mostly and then titanium were to favorite metals used to make the rings.Men did not, did want a sterling silver ring. The majority felt that it was too easily damaged, didn’t look great, turned colors sometimes etc. The metal that was mentioned was tungsten carbide by the men along with titanium.
  3. Durability was a very common theme since the majority of the men classified themselves as active for either work or outside of work. About 75% wanted a ring that could handle getting banged around and would pay more for that
  4. Theme of the ring. This should be listed as a top decision maker. Most men did not want a complicated ring. 55% choose black as their favorite color. The #1 theme was outdoors (hunting, fishing, hiking, camping we lumped into 1 category). Racing, Tire reads and similar was another big theme. Camo was the most represented pattern and definitely #1. Outdoor Scenes like mountains, fishing etc were also mentioned quit a bit. Baseball theme rings were mentioned quite a bit. This was performed by
    1. Did men care if the rings were engraved. They did but only because it mattered to the women. They wanted the women to be happy but ultimately that was something that the ring had to be taken off to see so it could remain special or personal them.

Choices for Patterns on Mens Wedding or Promise Bands:
Plain Black Band 22%
Plain Silver Band 16%
Plain Gold Band 18%
Camo Band 19%
Inlay Rings With Patterns 14%
Mountain or Outdoor Scenes 3%
Sports Themes 2%
With Stones 1%
Novelty and Specialty Made Up the Remainder such as Movie, Partners in Crime, Beauty and Beast, Joker and Harley and more.

Engraved On the Inside 84% (because it mattered to the women)
Wanted Him and His Partner To Have Matching Or Similar No Matter The Bands Choices 31% Unless it Was most Important to her then the percentage climbed up to about 62%.

Visit Southern Sisters to find the very latest in affordable men’s wedding bands and promise rings. We take great pride if offering some of the best outdoors wedding bands ranging from mountain scenes, duck band, fishing rings for men and women, hunting wedding bands as well a large selection of engagement and wedding rings for him and her.

American Flag Wedding Bands, Tire Tread, Sports Such as Baseball are all in high demand. And while we don’t carry all of these themes we do offer a large selection especially in patriotic jewelry for women and men.

Realtree, Mossy Oak, Browning, Remington are just a few of the big names along with Huntress that offer a large selection of hunting tree and leaf patterns in the Max 4 and more designs. Marsh, Snow, Orange Blaze, Purple, Teal or Aqua and of course the one that everyone is talking about is the Midnight Black sets on silver tungsten carbide and titanium. All of these can be engraved.

Camo Baby Blankets an Crib Sheets

When it comes to the coolest, newest and of course crazy with the quality camo baby blankets, sheets, apparel like onesies and more – well I like what we got! A couples of our newest items are the camo swaddle baby blanket and also the camouflage crib sheets with the plastic backing or liner. These are both great for you own baby but believe us when we tell you that these are some of the best sellers for those that have newborns. Of course they have to fit the profile which means they love the country style of things such as camouflage which means that they are typically into fishing, hiking, hunting, camping, live in the south (its tradition there) is a redneck – hey look every redneck would have his or her baby decked out in camo – it’s a given – man its a birth right!

So if you are asking yourself – Where can I buy camo crib sheets or swaddle blankets with our infamous outdoors pattern then rest easy because you are one click away from fait, destiny and both at a serious value – yep gonna love them prices!

Camouflage Crib Sheets with Plastic Liner
Camo Swaddle Baby Blanket Click Here

We have a large selection of southern and country baby clothing in onesie and tees. Check out our website at baby section to find the hottest sellers in all the different categories. We have Daddy’s Lil Buck and Daddy’s Lil Doe along with shirts that match toddlers and babies for great gifts as well.

Southern Sisters Designs has been in business for just about 15 years and every year we add some of the hottest and newest items in many different categories. This year we have already added about 30 new items and we are planning on adding about 80 more. So check out our blog posts for the very newest sales, coupons and also what’s trending in country style.

Where To Buy High Waisted Camo Leggings?

Everyone that wear leggings knows that the high waist leggings are what’s trending. The high waist is double reinforced and offers tummy control to those that want it. Otherwise they just look great for sure coming up a little higher on the stomach.

The key is being able to find multi functional leggings so that you can use them for working out, casual wear or even for something nicer when out. We listened and have put together just that. Our high waist camouflage leggings have the reinfcored stomach but also the double stitching so they can handle anything that you can throw at it whether be extreme exercise, gym workouts, cross fit, runs or if you simply want to look grat out on the town. We are offering all of our different patterns and colors in these including the newest sensation pink rose. We are also offering the Camouflage American Flag Leggings in the different patterns with the whit USA Flag printed on top of the camo. (this will be available in hoodies, tees and tanks as well amongst other items.)

Here are a few examples of the leggings:

Huntess Black Camouflage High Waist Leggings click here
Pink Rose High Waist Camo Workout or Casual Leggings click here
High Waist Reinforced Stomach Camo Leggings With Hunting Pattern click here

These are just a few of the popular designs that we have. We also have snow, blaze orange, purple and many more such as the USA Flag workout leggings with the reinforced waist as well. Looking for jewelry with the new Rose Pink Pattern Then Check out our Wedding Rings Section at

Come back soon as we are always adding new items.

Camouflage American Flag Clothing – Tees, Leggings, Bathing Suits and more

The old saying that if we don’t stand for something then we fall for everything is never more important that it is today. This is the greatest country in the world. Many people are trying to take that statement away. If you want to represent your country roots and show your statement of love and support for this great country then we have one of the best ways to do it. It is the Country Camouflage American Flag Clothes that we are just now releasing and they are hot for sure.

It seems that being American and believing in this country has become almost uncool for many. Its time to bring it back. A shirt, bathing, hoodie, leggings can make a powerful statement on what you believe without ever having to say a word.

Here are just a few of the American Flag and Camouflage Design apparel items that we are now offering.

Camo American Flag Shirt For Ladies with the White Flag and the Newest Hunting Pattern Pink Rose that is setting the country style on fire. Quickly a top seller and get them now because this was designed to be a limited edition clothing line.

Camouflage USA Flag Leggings For Women
Women’s Camo American Flag Shirt

We also many different leggings options for those that want to check out different USA flag options for leggings. Don’t forget that the Olympics are coming here shortly which is just another great reason to wear your support for USA – America! If you are looking where to buy Patriotic Clothing we have you covered. Check out Southern Sisters and simply search our site or use the navigation bar to the left and look for American Flag apparel.

Where Can I Buy Redneck Wedding Rings?

Yes, rednecks fall in love too! But more importantly we have some great selection for those that were born and raised in the south and want to keep that southern Dixie thing relevant in their lives. There are different flag rings including the American Flag but there are also many different choices that symbolize the south and it activities such as hunting, fishing, beachin’, backroads, country music and much more. Here are few of the top seller for redneck wedding rings or Redneck engagement rings. We have many large selections including hunting and fishing wedding bands, nature scenes or the mountains, woods, duck hunting, fishing and more. We have have quite a few men’s and women’s antler bands and many have a matching princess cut matching engagement camo rings in the same pattern as the mens. The women’s rings with the cubic zirconia stone are made from premium titanium and have a 5 year warranty on them. The inlay rings also have a 5 year guarantee. These are sold and shipped from the USA. Redneck yes, southern yes, country yes. So yee haw to ride em cowboy these are a great choice.

Redneck Wedding Rings From Southern Sisters Designs Wedding Rings and Southern Promise Bands on Sale. These are Premium Tungsten Rings For Women and Men in Many Different Camouflage Colors. Great for men’s and women’s country promise rings or women’s. Simply choose the size that fits either him or her.
Pink Camouflage Engagement Rings from Southern Sisters Designs for the Country, Southern Or Redneck In You!

Couples Shirts – Her Weirdo and His Crazy – Rings Too

We have these in stock and they make great couples tees. if you are looking for our couples store online then visit here. These are top sellers for valentines and also for bridal and honeymoon couples shirts. You can choose the color as well as the size. They are available in the larger sizes as well – plus sizes for him and for her. Many people say this is the line from the Joker when they are described as a couple by Harley Quinn.

Her Weirdo and His Crazy Shirts Click Here
Her Weirdo and His Crazy Ring Set

These are great gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, couples, honeymooners, bride and groom, fiance and more. They are stock item for us so they tend to ship really fast while supplies last. Great for valentines gifts, Christmas and much more.

Ladies Army Camo Workout Bottoms and Tops Including Shorts, Sports Bras and More.

Private Report for a serious butt kicking. That’s what the lady that teaches my class at the gym said to me. She was wearing these exact same camo workout shorts for the gym, and why not, she acted like a drill sergeant when got in the class. She always gave us the best workout. The military print ladies gym pros that you see here are made from top quality and of course they are the army wooodlands pattern. They offer a great fit, guaranteed by the way and they have a great top on them. I like the higher waist on the shorts myself. They are just like the leggings but except, they are shorts of course. These are great sellers and a standard for any women that loves to lift, workout, run, do the mud or any other type of race and more. You gotta look good – we all know that. Dress these how you want with different tank tops, sports bras and more. These are PREMIUM. They are not cheap material but they are at a great price of just under $20. Order the ladies camo workout bottoms from Southern Sisters They are one of best sellers year round for the but they sell really well during the spring and summer months so don’t wait and miss out. Order these now.

Ladies Camo Workout Shorts – 5 Stars – Get Them Now!
Slot for you phone on the leg – our best selling work out bottom! $19