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Don’t Tread On Me Drink Ware, Face Masks and Shirts

Made famous by the military and is used by Americans to defend the rights and civil liberties of all. Here are some of our best sellers. These are often worn by soldiers including marines, army and much more. See the punisher type logo in yellow with the Gadsden Flag and Rattlesnake logo on these items.

Don’t Tread On Me Coffee Mug With Skull

Gadsden Flag Steering Wheel Cover for Cars and Trucks

Rattlesnake Dont Tread on Me Face Mask

Get These Yellow Gadsden Flag Face Coverings by Clicking the Picture!

Dixie Flag – Get Them While You Can – Neck Gaiters, Face Masks, Leggings and more.

With all that is going on in the world there is a chance that Dixie Flag or Rebel items might be considered outlawed. For those that have always believed that the flag is about the heritage of the south, for those that believe that the war was over taxes of 70% – as President Lincoln said and not other issues, for those that believe in the rebellious acts by the Southern States to fight excess taxation and believe that the 13 stars stood for the 13 states, the blue stood for the cross and the red the blood of the soldiers that fought for freedom – well you might want to get the remaining Items that include shirts, masks, bathing suits, bumper stickers, car tags, steering wheels, clothing and much more. Many of this is in danger of extinction.

Dixie Flag Neck Gaiter and Face Masks
Rebel Face Masks for Southern Pride

These are all top sellers. Remember we do not advocate hate but we do believe that Southern Heritage is something that should be remembered and believed in. Shop Here For Southern Pride Items

Donald Trump Beach Towels And Election Apparel

The election is coming up and if you are Republican and wanting Donald trump to win the 2020 Election then we have some great apparel and accessory items that you need to look it. These are not found elsewhere. Staying with the MAGA and also Keep America Great Slogans you check them out here.

This Donald Trump Keep America Great beach or pool towel is a top seller. We also have ladies bathing suits and swim shorts as well. Show your support for 2020. Click Here For The Trump Beach Towel

We also have unique items like Ladies Trump Leggings including MAGA. These are hot and will be super sought after once the summer starts winding down.

These leggings come in sizes ranging from small all the way through 2x. They are great fit and also premium quality. The slogan is down on the right leg as shown in the picture. These sell fast so order now. Southern Sisters Designs has sold over 131,000 Orders. Let us fill your order as well.

#trumpleggings #trumpbeachtowel #beachtowel #republicanapparel

The Top 3 American Flag Bikinis and Bandeau Bathing Suits

For nearly 16 years we have been always trying to find the best selling and best looking American Flag clothing for both men and women. And why not we are patriots. We love this Country and what it stands. We love the red white and we are not alone. This country was founded on basic principals that the stars and stripes stand for. So in honor of being the great country and believing that freedom aint free here are the best selling bandeau USA Flag swimsuits for women as well as the overall top seller.

Every year this bikini jumps out there as a top seller of not just the patriotic swimsuits but of all of our apparel. It has a strappy banded bottom and trly unique sash over the top bandeau. These fit true to size. You can get this American Flag Bandeau Bikini Here. And they are just about 50% off.

Our 2nd best seller are the American Flag Ladies Board Shorts. We love these and so do our customers. There are a lot of different sizes to choose from small all the way to 2x. These are great fit and perfect for active women. These are used for casual and workouts as much as they are used for beaching a the ocean or pool trips.

Gotta Love These Women’s Patriotic Board Shorts for the beach, ocean and pool trips!

Finally our 1 piece Women’s USA Patriotic Bathing Suit. This has the padded top as well. A best seller for years and timeless. This year the red white and blue colors are more vibrant than ever. Get this American Flag One Piece here.

There 3 of top sellers and perfect for all year round but especially 4th of July Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans and much more. Celebrate this amazing country with all the different flag apparel from Southern Sisters Designs branded clothing.

American Flag Face Masks Made In The USA.

Face masks are a hot commodity and will only get hotter as the country opens back and people build up their supply of cloth based masks. The cloth masks are top sellers and perfect for civilians because they effective and can reused over and over once they are washed.

The effectiveness is measured based on if you can blow out a candle through the face mask. You should be able to. The less the flame is affected by a normal blow the more effective the mask.

One of the hottest sellers is the American flag face mask. The stars and stripes are the symbol for America Strong. And finally they are made in the USA which means that we are supplying American jobs everytime that we use order these masks.

Here is the men’s or women’s Red, White and Blue Mask. Important to note that it uses the ear saver method so both straps pull straight over top of the head. So it is the head that actually holds the mask in place. Our American flag face masks click here are shipped in about 5 days. Now they can be shipped sooner but so many people get irate if we do not ship right away. We do carry some stock but these are made here in the USA. We order as the order comes in. So they almost always ship at about the 3-5 day after you order. But understand that many of these are made to order which is way you may have the 5 day lead time.

All of the flag masks are made in the USA along with the floral. Th valve masks are not. They are made outside of the USA.

Designer Cloth Face Masks Ship Within 48 Hours

Today finding face masks is hard enough with the demand being 1000 to 1. However, finding face masks that actually look good and ship fast well that is a totally different story. We are selling many different masks. Here are some of the ones that we guarantee to ship out within 48 hours.

Cloth face masks made out of high quality fabric. Here are floral face masks that is washable and also reusable. It can be used as many times as you would like simply wash. People use this for flu, germ protection, dust, allergies amongst many other things.

These are made out of high quality fabric and we have many different colors. We also guarantee to ship this item within 2 business days as long as the cart shows inventory in stock. We are always replenishing stock with all of the masks in the designer category. We have many different choices and colors ranging from pink, purple, red, animal patterns and prints and even camo to name a few. Also check out our next post on flag face masks such as USA, Canadian, Italian, French, Brasils Flag and much more.

These are all multi layer thick fabric, high quality and a top seller.

You can see all the face covers In stock that we have here. So if you are asking where to buy in stock face masks simply read our product descriptions and they will tell you what and how much we have in stock just about every day. The items that can be shipped almost immediately will also be listed in the descriptions.

Get Your Face Masks

Non Medical Face Masks for adults, teens, elderly and kids. The CDC just released a statement that they recommend everybody that goes out wears a face mask. To stay away from the medical face masks so that they professionals have access to them people are buying non medical face masks.

We have quite a few to choose from. These ship from the USA. They are selling fast but we are quickly replenishing all the different masks for women, men, teens, kids and of course the elderly.

The Chinese have stated that the success that they have had with beating Corona was with face masks and sanitizing before they go into public paces and any profession that deals with people wear them.

We believe that the USA will need these to get past Corona but also again when flu season pops again in the fall and winter through the spring of next year.

The masks that we are offering are super comfy and 4 ply or layered cotton. This is one of the best ways to prevent germs from entering by layering. We also have those that have breathable pockets or filters so that you never feel claustrophobic or feel like you are breathing hot air.

Shown below is a washable and reusable 4 layer cotton face mask with super comfortable loops for the ears Super light weight. It also have a inserted sponge filter than is easily removed and replaced. The cost on this one is $8. Click Here For This Washable Face mask and also to see others.

Another mask is the breathable cotton face mask that is very closed except in the ventilated area that allows filtered air to come in so that you don’t feel claustrophobic. Click Here To See This Non medical face mask for consumers to protect themselves.

Check out our website as we are doing what we can to bring in face masks daily for all different ages and that serve different purposes. These are the future for many situations to keep Americans safe.

Camo Lingerie Sets On Sale

Here are some of our latest camo and country lingerie sets that often include free jewelry as well. These are the new and trending items that are found on our website.

So what are the hottest sellers out there right now?

Here Ya Go! How about our camo panties in a 3 pack set. We have these in both thongs and boy short sets!

We love the Aztec but oh my on the Cranberry and also the plum lace camo boy short panties. All of these are selling fast and yes we have the matching bra and also bralette for each of these. If you prefer the camouflage thong instead we have those as well.

To See all of the camo lingerie click here as we are offering specials almost daily on a variety of different items from bras to bralettes, nighties to night time pajamas. We have them all and yes they are camo and country with a serious elegance from our love of southern style.

Another trending hot seller is the muddy girl panty and cami set with black lace accents. These are also called country girl or hunting pattern lingerie outfits. We love the Muddy Girl pattern but also carry Wilderness, Realtree, Mossy Oak, Army or Military patterns and much more. Sexy in all of the above – we got ya covered. Trying to impress your hunter or maybe your soldier check us out and see all the different styles and options.

Southern and Rebel Steering Wheel Wraps

When it comes to truck and auto license plates, interior deco and much more Southern Sisters Designs has you covered. The Dixie Flag and Don’t Tread on Me Flags are staples in the south and regardless of what most want you to think it is not about a generation of hate. It is about the traditions of the south and southern heritage. The Confederate Flag gets tied to many different things but our favorites are Dukes of Hazard and Dale JR. Of course for those that really study the heritage you will see how it turned and used as a symbol for other things but to us that grew up watching Nascar races and Bo and Luke well this is a remembrance of everything southern and country!

One of the newest items that we have are the truck and car Rebel Flag Steering Wheel covers. These adjust to fit just about any size steering wheels in cars and trucks.

These Dixie Flag Steering Wheel Covers are a stock item and ship really fast. We do tend to sell quite a few of them so there is the occasion that we will run out of stock but most stock is replenished very quickly.

If you are looking for a great gift for the true southern girl or boy, girlfriend or boy friend or similar definitely check these out. Under $20.

We also have the Don’t Tread On Me Steering Wheel Covers and Auto Accessories as well. These are also stock items from Southern Sisters Designs and ships directly from the USA.

Brand New Engagement and Matching Pink Camo Wedding Ring For Her

So many of you were asking for the pink camo engagement rings and also the band that is smaller in with that matching with the same hunting pattern that you can put on when you get married. Well we listened, yes, and we did it. Without a doubt one of best matching ring sets. For the guys you can still pick from any of our 18 options including all the different colors of camouflage along with the black or silver band.

The pink camo ladies engagement ring has a princess cut cubic zirconia stone that is almost a carat in weight. When you look at the stone it is almost impossible to tell it apart from the real diamond. The sizes are the only thing that we are limited on because it is a new item for us. We currently only have whole sizes that range from 5 to 10. So your options would be 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

These are a stock item for us so the turn around time is typically very quickly. If ordered on the weekend most orders will go out on Monday. If ordered during the week these typically go without just a day or two. There are times that we run low or out of stock but orders are usually already on the way from production if this is happening.

If you are true southern girl, love camouflage, love the country or western look then we have you covered. We have as many or more options than most online stores and we o not do the cheap stainless steel rings. The ring set shown here is made out of the highest quality titanium!