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I Like His Beard Shirt – I Like Her Butt For Couples

This combination of t shirts for couples is timeless and of course a top seller. But don’t worry the market is not drenched with this one. A best seller that includes options for his and hers sizes but also for colors. We do have plus sizes of 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x for either him or her on these. We love them and they ship fast. We mean really fast. These are printed in our shop and usually ship within 1-2 days. Get them fast from the USA. These are not shipped from over seas like may other companies do.

I Like His Beard and I like Her Butt Shirts For Couples
I Like His Beard Single T-Shirt For Girls!

Here is the couples hoodies set for beard lovers with the same graphic. These are a great couples gift for any guy that has facial hair and the girl that loves it. And of course he’s gonna love your butt. Great for couples pics as well. Put them up on Facebook, Instagram or on your story. Choose from plus sizes as well and also choose your color. Southern Sisters Designs is a leader in couples, hubby, wifey apparel and clothing gifts as well as jewelry.

Couples Hoodie Set For the Bearded Boy Friend and Girlfriend

Camo Bra and Panties Sale

Southern Sisters Designs is a leader in camouflage clothing for women and men and have many different hard to find camo items and sets such as work out bra and leggings, night gowns and lounge clothes, bathing suits for women and men but by far out top sellers are the camo bra and panties that have many different pattern and size options. The bras come in sizes from single A all the way up to DD. There are different lace color options as well with Purple and Wine or Maroon type color being the very best sellers. Here are a few of the choices that we have including bralettes, thongs, full bottom panties, boyshorts, hipsters and of course booth shorts that seem to be very hot right now.

Here are 3 top sellers in the Camo Bra and Panty Category:

  1. Lace accented Bralette in the wine trim that also includes the panty which is a thong but boyshort is also available or even the the full bottom panties. These are under $35 and ship from the USA. If you love the outdoors, hunting fishing, country girl, country boy or anything close the afore mentioned then this is for you.
Camo Bralette With Wine Lace and Thong Panty or also here

2) Purple Lace and Trim Bra with the Free Deer Antler Necklace in various colors. This is a traditional bra and has sizes for the A cup, B, C, D DD, and sometimes we carry even larger. Check the website for further details.

Camo Bra With Purple Lace


Camo Bra and Boy Short Panty With Wine Lace and Free Gift With each Purchase of the Deer Antler Necklace

These are just a few of the top sellers that you really can’t find elsewhere that will make you want them right now. Top sellers but also each has a free gift. We love them and they ship fast from the USA.

King and Queen Hoodies – Even Plus Sizes Available

When it comes to couples apparel and items that are great for gifts the king is well a bad play on words the King and Queen hoodie. You can also get these customized with dates from when you first met or first got married. These kid and queen sizes are available in adult unisex small, medium, large, xl, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x.

King and Queen Couples Hoodies Set That Match

You can also get these in different colors other than just black. We have these in royal blue, navy, red, green, white, orange, purple and a few more. These make a great honeymoon gift for couples to wear on their honey moon just after they get married. Perfect for pics as well to post all over.

Couples King and Queen T Shirt Set

Click here to see the King and Queen T-Shirts. WE have over 20 different items with the same type graphic. these make for a great gift and they ship fast from the United States of America. We do offer overnight and 2 day shipping options as well. Southern Sisters Designs brands have sold over 140,000 orders and going strong. We are a leader in couples, bff and girlfriend, boyfriend, hubby wifey apparel and jewelry gift items as well.

Camo Sleepwear Women’s Fit Pj’s and Night Gowns

If you are looking for a place where to buy camo sleepwear women’s sizes then we have you covered. One of our top selling categories of camouflage clothing for women are the night gowns, sleep shorts and even pajamas including tops, bottoms and even sets.

For our basic category where you can browse the different choices that we have click here to see the camouflage offerings and also some USA flag designs as well. We also carry the aztec country and western designs in these pj’s, lounge and nighties to sleep and be lazy and comfy in all at the same time.

Camo Pj and Sleep Short and Tank Set in the White Snow Hunting Pattern
Black Camouflage Night Gown In Huntress Tree Pattern

The sizes on the there items range from small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large and even the 3x sizes. There are various patterns that you can choose from.

White camo Soft Shorts

Snow Camouflage PJ Bottoms for women. These shorts are so super soft and silky to the feel . They are actually great for lounging around in as well.

Camo Boy Short Panty and Lingerie Are Back In Stock

A Guaranteed great fit with these top selling camo boy short panties for women. They have the Huntress hunting camouflage pattern all over the front and the rear. Trying to find sexy hunting lingerie and every panties can be tough but we have them here and ready to buy. Yes we stock. Occasionally the demand is high and clothing moves faster than we anticipated but we typically restock very quickly.

Find sexy camo panties, lingerie and camis for those that love fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, outdoors and similar can be difficult but we have you covered. Check back daily for sales on specific items such as thongs or hipster, baby dolls etc.

For the very best in camo thongs in the hunting or outdoors tree patterns that so many of us love then check out our site. Here is one of our top sellers that does well every single year and is a great surprise for that boyfriend, hubby or significant other that you have.

Where to Buy Camouflage Thong Panties – Right Here!

Grinch Ladies Underwear Panty and Clothing For Halloween and Christmas

One of our best sellers for the Halloween and Christmas holidays for the women are the Grinch Panty in the form of a boy short hipster! These are green with the face on the front and the sizes range from small, medium, large, xl, and 2x.

These are definitely a top seller and we have the thongs too! Whoville haters unite with this one. Nothing sexier that than the Grinch Lingerie We will also be adding sexy Grinch Sleepwear Including Nighties and Sleep Shorts to name just a few.

Women’s Grinch Boyshort Panty – Super Sexy

We also carry the Grinch Hoodies and long sleeve shirts as well as t-shirts. These are obviously a top seller at Christmas but they do very well over the Halloween month because of those that want an easy t shirt costume and Dr Seuss is always a top seller.

Halloween Pumpkin Boy Short Panty for Women

Get i the holiday spirit with these top selling Women’s Halloween Underwear With A Boy Short, Booty Cut as shown in the pic. Every year these are one of our top sellers. They are always great for sexy surprises. These come in sizes small, medium, large, xl and 2x. These all have a jack o lantern graphic on the front in black. The panties themselves are orange. The model wearing these panties shows the cut.

Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Face Underwear For Women For Halloween and The Fall- Super Sexy

These are a stock item and they ship fast. Visit Halloween Pumpkin Panties to see what we have to offer. These ship from the USA and are printed in the USA. We are a large online retailer of halloween, Christmas, Cowgirl, Country and Southern Lingerie, Underwear, Sexy Costumes for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines days to name a few – also great for coming home celebrations for husbands and boy friends. Check out our Halloween Clothing Section to see many different items that we have to offer for dress up and quick and easy costumes.

Ghost Halloween Booty Boo Boy Short Underwear For Women

Another Top Seller In Women’s Underwear For Halloween is the Boo Booty Panties that are also boy short cut and in black with the orange ghost. We love these. Sexy and funny at the same time boo ty!

Where To Buy American Flag Panties and Thongs

Here is where you can buy several different style of American Flag Underwear, Panties, thongs and even boy shorts and similar. These are best sellers and some are with lace and some without.

  1. American Flag Thong Panty is available in small, medium, large, xl and 2x sizes. These are a stock item and tend to ship almost the very next day. They have the red, white and blue an also the stars and stripes as shown in the picture.
USA Flag Thong
American Flag Boy Short Panties with Lace

Above is the USA Flag Camisole and matching boy short lingerie outfit with the black lace around the top and bottoms. Meant to be patriotic and sexy all at once. Choose your size for the tops and the bottoms on these. They ship from the USA.

Also we just added our new booty cut boy shorts with the Vintage USA Flag printed all over including the front and the back. These are hot right now and sell all year long. Women supporting their soldiers or this great country. They are good for it all. Choose your size.

USA Flag Patriotic Boy Shorts

Pumpkin Face Hoodies For Halloween – Get Them Here In Stock and Ships Fast

When it comes to halloween everybody has to have a pumpkin hoodie. Without a doubt from teachers, moms, office workers and yes even bosses need to have a pumpkin hoodie. Its perfect for the fall including Halloween and thanksgiving. So which are the best selling pumpkin hoodies – we’ve got you covered!

  1. Pumpkin Face Hoodies With Jack O Lantern And Available In Sizes up to 5x including small, medium, large, xl, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x sizes. The hoodie is orange in color and this is great for trick or treating as well as any activities at night. We love these for just about anybody including employees, teachers, office workers and even students to wear for fall. We love these and they are a customer favorite.

Confederate Flag Hoodies and Rebel Merchandise

With all that is going on in the world today we know that there are those that are looking to get Rebel Merchandise and also Confederate Flag items including a men’s or women’s hoodie, as well as many other items ranging from tank tops, t shirts, bathing suits, masks, Confederate Gaiter or neck and face covering. You can find all of our Confederate Flag Merchandise Here.

Rebel Flag Hoodie

Confederate Flag Bedding

Confederate Flag T Shirt

Rebel Flag Steering Wheel Covers

Confederate Flag Mens Ring

These are all top sellers and favorites of those that love Heritage over Hate but also very much has southern and Dixie pride. These are all stock items and ship fast. The rings are made out of Premium Tungsten while the t shirts are an all over print with the Flag on both the front and the back of the shirt.

Get these now as they are selling out fast and the future of them is uncertain to say the least.