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Matching Couples Underwear Is A Top Gift

When it comes to trying to find the top gifts for a couple we have you covered with a gift set that always takes the show. These are funny, creative and memorable and in the end that’s what you want. Not some boring gift that doesnt make a statement or standout.

So ladies if you are wanting the #1 selling funny bachelorette gift then the answer is funny underwear for couples and of course funny bachelorette panty for the bride. We have you covered in these gifts. Top sellers and timeless.

  1. Matching Couples Underwear From Tombstone. The famous quotes of Say When and I’m Your Huckleberry are without a doubt the best seller and of course perfect for any couples that love the quote of the Movie. This set includes his Boxer Brief and Her Boy Short. This is also available in a thong with the boxer brief. The listing shown here is sold by a supplier on Amazon. You can also find the on the websites.
  2. Mr and Mrs Matching Couples Underwear or Honeymoon Couples Undies are also a top seller. Perfect the new bride and groom to have. We love these for the memory as every time that they see them they remember. We have many different new bride and groom choices.

Here are a few of the top selling thongs that we have for women including the listing that matches above – I’m Your Huckleberry.

I’m Your Huckleberry Funny Womens Thong that matches the listing above. Country and Western sexy to say the least. Perfect gifts for Country and Western Theme weddings for the bride and even the bridesmaid panty party which is one of the newest traditions.

Chamber of Secrets Funny Thongs for Women and especially great For Harry Potter fans that want to give a great wedding shower, bridal shower or bachelorette party gift that that is a bit of a gag gift with adult humor.

Another Top Choice For Funny Underwear For Women is the Thick Fil A which reminds everyone of the play on words for Chick Fil A. A parody, Gag gift and perfect for the girls, brides that love their thickness. Thicker than a snicker or Thick Fil A.

Funny Thongs For Women Bachelorette Party Gifts and we have THE TOP SELLER! You May Now Bang The Bride with the White Satin and Glitter Text printed on the front. We love this one.

St Paddys Day Lingerie For Women

It seems like Saint Patricks Day is always just around the corner….but now it really is. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Mainly beause spring is in the air and celebrations start with St Paddy’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, July 4th and on! I am sure I missed some as Ijust writing this off the top of my head. However, when it comes to St Patricks Day women get a little crazier than you think.

We have seen green hair – oh no not the hair on the head lol. Yep, green hair down there. We have seen grown men in leprachaun body thongs that shouldn’t be wearing them, not that I think any man should lol. But we are here to help with the St Paddys Day Lingerie choices. Two of our top sellers are available and in stock ready for the rush that comes every year. One is a thong and one is a boyshort. Both have the funny saying Rub For Luck with the 4 Leaf clover.

Talk about Shenanigans. Every year we have people send us pics wearing there thongs and boy shorts and yes they are out in it wearing these. So here ya go. Here are the two top selling womens panties for St Patricks Day.

  1. Rub For Luck Thong St Patricks Day Lingerie Thong with the print on the front.
  2. Rub For Luck St Paddys Day Panties – this Panty with the Same funny, sexy saying printed on the front of the women’s underwear.
  3. Rub For Luck Boxers for Men that match the Women’s Panties. These are available on Amazon through some of our distributors.
  4. St Paddys Day Underwear For Couples with Matching His and Hers Underwear including a thong and boxer briefs.
sant patricks day underwear for couples men and women

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Hair and Scalp Once and For All

What causes smelly scalp and Hair in Adults and Teens?

Getting a stinky smell in your hair and scalp within a day or two of washing your hair can be quite an irritating and socially sad situation. This weird smell coming from your hair can make you insecure, self-conscious, and edgy all the time, fearing comments from those present around you. What can further include this frustration is the lack of knowledge regarding the cause of this bad smell. If you are also a person battling this problem with jumbled thoughts and unanswered questions, then keep scrolling for complete solutions. For those wanting a smelly scalp shampoo conditioner and lotion check you will see through this blog post that we are sold on the Zincplex line of products when it comes to scalp issues.

Why does your scalp smell bad?

Many factors can be categorised as hair smell causes. You must match yourself with the causes of this issue to understand its consequences and plan best accessible prevention techniques. The most common are scalp fungus, bacteria and scalp buildup around the hair follicle. Often times the 3 go hand in hand. Zincplex Extra Strength for an herbal and zinc scalp buildup shampoo is voted the Top Choice. The herbs breakdown and irrigate the hair follicle. It can be tough to remove the crusty, hardened sebum on the scalp and especially around the hair follicle.

Dirt and pollution

Dry hair need not be washed as regularly as oil hair since they tend to encourage more dust and dirt particles. It is very vital to wash the hair periodically while maintaining a balanced routine, whether it is normal, oily, or dry. Pollution is another important crucial reason for hair smell. Air pollutants cling to every inch of your hair, leading to a stinky smell and extra dirt build-up along the scalp.


The scalp is packed with ample sebaceous glands and apocrine glands, which release their secretions through the hair follicles. The odourless waxy and sweat, oily sebum are necessary to keep the scalp nourished and moisturized. Anyway, if they do not contribute to the bad odours, then what does? The bacteria live on your skin rent-free, form dense colonies and feed on the secretions. This can be the reason for imbalanced scalp microbiomes, which, with time, begin giving out a bad smell.

Seborrheic dermatitis

It is a medical situation that causes oil and fungal overproduction leading to an imbalanced scalp build-up, entering scalp and hair odour. It is also called the smelly scalp syndrome. This is bcause the scalp oils can turn hard an crystalized.


Dandruff in men and women is characterized as scaly skin that is typically either excessively oily scalp or dry skin. It is a chronic inflammatory scalp situation. Often times you will see Yellow Dandruff or Golden Sebum Balls on the scalp as well.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal surge during stress and puberty increases glandular activity, rising sweat and sebum production.

Androgens hypersecretion leads to hyperactivity of glands intensifying scalp odour and build-up.

Irregular shampooing cycle

It is really vital to maintain a right routine of washing your hair, always make sure to neither overdo it, nor reject it for too long. Excess washing of your hair can strip all the natural oils present in your scalp, causing your hair to turn rough and dry. On the other hand, not washing your hair when needed will lead to the build-up of excessive sweat and residue in your scalp, thus blocking your follicles, leading to fungus and bacteria overgrowth and causing a bad smell.

Wear same headwear

Hair hygiene is not just limited to washing our hair and following many hair routines, but also what we put on our hair. Not washing and cleaning your hats, caps, and scarves regularly can result in making your scalp and hair smelly. Wearing such headwear for a long period of time can lead to extreme sweating and other scalp issues. This is the reason that professionals have advised using headwear made from breathable and light fabrics.


Psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder, also affects the hair scalp making it boring and dry. Further, it causes a disbalance of microbial growth, known as secondary infection, giving off an unclean smell. The lotion that we have learned works best for scalp psoriasis as well as seborrheic dermatitis spots or itchy patchy on the scalp is the Zincplex Scalp Lotion. It uses the Zinc pca and specialized herbs.

How to make your scalp smell better?

Now that you are familiar with what causes your scalp and hair to smell dirty, let us look at a few ways of making your scalp smell amazing:

Continue hair washes

There is no right number for how often one should wash their hair. The number of hair wash an individual needs is largely person-specific and variable. We all have personal ideas that if we don’t wash our hair by a certain time, it will begin to emerge dry and dull. The longer your hair will remain unwanted, the more dirt and sebum will get accumulated in the scalp. Washing your hair regularly will help in managing the oil production in the scalp.

Reduce sweating

If you are one of those people that are prone to high sweating, it can be valuable to use medicated solutions. As stated above, high sweating leads to a smell and fit scalp. Hence, decreasing sweating should be one of your aims to have an excellent smelling scalp.  Topical agents like aluminium chloride can be used to reduce excessive sweating.

Natural oils

Natural oils have been in many hair and scalp care practices for a long period of time now. These oils are packed with fit nutrients as well as antibacterial and antifungal qualities. These qualities gather to fight against the fungi and bacteria present in the scalp. These bacteria are generally one of the root causes of smelly scalp. So, these oils are proven to be one of the top remedies against the bad smell of scalp and hair.

Wash and clean your headwear

Be sure to forever add your caps, hats, scarves to your laundry day. Washing all of your hair accessories and wears on a regular basis is highly advised to fight against the issue of smelly scalp. Sebum and other such hair chemicals get trapped in the caps or hats worn by us. When you wear your cap or hair on clean hair, the trapped chemicals rub off against your clean hair and scalp, providing you a smelly scalp again. Hence, ensure to wash your headwear on a regular basis.


Does seborrheic dermatitis make your hair smell?

Yes, seborrheic dermatitis cannot just cause scaly and oily patches on your scalp, but make it stinking as well. These often are scalp scabs and sores. These are different scalp burns caused by chemical hair procedures and relaxers. Oily scalp dandruff would be the best way to describe what Seborrheic of the Scalp or Skin is.

Why does my hair smell dirty after going outside?

Outside smell can quite easily penetrate your hair strands and immediately gets trapped in your hair.

How do you know if you have fungus on your scalp?

A few symptoms of fungal problems of the scalp include flaky scales, scaly patches on the scalp along with shedding, and, sometimes, the look of pus-filled pimples.

Complete Guide To Funny Bachelorette Underwear For Women Including Thongs and Boyshorts

When it comes to finding the perfect funny panties it can be tough. You can go to amazon and seach but findig specific genres can be tough For example if you are looking for a bachelorette gift to a girl marrying a firefighter you might some totally different ideas of thongs etc than a police officer future wife. So we are going to break down some of the best categories and themes of novelty underwear.

Bachelorette Panty Gifts General Top Sellers

  1. In Case of Emergecy Pull Down Women’s Novelty Underwear and are great for all but especially firefighter fiances
  2. All Yours Sexy Panties For Women
  3. You May Now Bang The Bride Bridal Panties for Bride Funny and of course they are premium for a great fit
  4. Hotwife Sexy Panties are Top Sellers. So many women are writing us asking slutty panties or naughty panties
  5. Mrs Panties are perfet for just married bridal panties for women and also great for honeymoon underwear.
  6. Buck and Doe Thong
  7. The Hunt Is Over Camo Lingerie for Women Sexy Boyshort Panties
  8. Report For Booty Sexy Panties For Women that love camo for their soldier
  9. Customized “Property of “Sexy Panties with a any name or text added to these on the rear of the panty
  10. Surrender The Booty are perfect for those that love funny underwear for women.
  11. Rub For Luck Naughty Panties for women G String Thong for many different occasions including St Pattys Day Weddings Bridal Underwear.

Baby Hunting Clothes for Boys and Girls

Each and every year one of the top searche items on our website is baby hunting clothes. We know that you are always loking for new and high quality items for baby gifts as well as for your own. So here we are outlining a few that we sell a ton of and get great reviews. These can be purchased directly on SouthernSistersDesigns and sometimes on Amazon through different sellers that we wholesale too. If you would like to buy camo baby onesies wholesale please let us know at through our live chat.

Top Rate Baby Camo Clothes:

  1. Plain Hunting Camo Onesie. This is a top seller and considere almost royalty. Yes the huntig pattern is authentic and has the tree and woods print. We love it and the rich graphic that is printed all over. You can choose from sizes ranging from newborn through 24 moths or year old. These are great newborn gifts as we sell a lot of the 12 month for 1st birthday country baby baby clothes and girls.

Country Baby Boy Clothes are top sellers and we love the Crawl Walk Hunt or Crawl Walk Fish baby boy camo onesies for gifts for this.

3 Country Baby Girl Clothes like this Daddy’s Lil Doe baby onesie in camo for baby girls is a top seller with rally good reviws and available in the Prime 2 ay shipping which means you can get it rally fast for for birthdays, presents and newborn onesies for gifts for the newest additions of friend and families.

Daddy’s Hunting Buddy Is Also a Top Seller and Another Choice In the Camo Onesie section. Also note that these are available in pink camo for baby girls hunting clothes as well. Country baby stuff is always a top seller, year in and year out Southern Sisters Designs is constantly adding new baby and toddler designs. Also check out our camo and country section for women. Baby Hunting Clothes along with toddler camo tees are always great gifts.

Sexy Camo and Army Boy Shorts and Crop Tanks

While sexy costumes seem hard to come by we have some top choices for you, they won’t become boring after just a few times. Why not try sexy army or sexy military this year but with some sexy camo?

        Sexy Army Officer – The sexy soldier costume is readily available at Amazon and very affordable too. This sexy, short little ditty for the female wearer has white stripes on the sleeves, collar and short skirt that comes off quickly with a snap of the finger.

        Sexy Military Officer – One way to be sexy but retain an element of class is seen in this military officer outfit from Southern Sisters. There’s no need to play sergeant here because there are just so many ways you can wear it under your clothes! It’s even ideal as an office costume. How about Report For Booty or Uniform Of Love or even some of the top sellers like Call Of Booty boyshorts or booty shorts for Call Of Duty Sexy Gamer Fans. These are even available in thongs as well.

        Sexy Army Officer – This sexy army officer is sexy and patriotic at the same time, perfect for Halloween or a sexy army costume party.

Call Of Booty Sexy Army Camo Booty Shorts

        Camo G-String – You can also up your wardrobe of sexy camo with this g-string outfit which gives you the option to wear just that under your clothes all day long! They’re especially great under skirts, shorts or if you want to wear them over a bikini. Just snap it on and away you go!

        Camo Bikini Top Halter – Another sexy military themed bikini top halter combo that will really make your costume look even better as well as being very comfortable too. Great to any sexy camo outfit! Pair these together to get a great outfit that is just sexy enough for any halloween get together or to welcome any soldier home.

    Pink Camo Hunting G-Strings – For sexy camo lingerie, take a look at these sexy camo g-strings with a mossy oak or real tree type print. They are sexy but they stay hidden under your regular clothes so you can wear them all day long if you like and go on with your normal activities without having to worry about the outfit! Very sexy as well as very versatile for Halloween costumes or just sexy enough anytime of year too!

        Military Crop T Shirt for Her To Match The Booty Shorts is definitely a top seller- No sexy military costume is really complete unless you have this shirt that looks identical to what the real soldiers wear! Pair it up with any of the above sexy outfits to get truly unique and sexy Halloween costumes ready for this coming season! This type of uniform would also be great for any sexy surprise that you might want to offer. Also great for honeymoons of new military wives just married couples.

When it comes to Valentines Day you might be looking for something special – maybe sexy panties with pearls, sayings or similar.

Camo Lingerie, Bra and Panty Choices Are Heating Up!

Camo is a multi tier pattern word. It can mean Hunting Camo Patterns like Mossy Oak and Realtree but it can also mean Army camouflage patterns which also have a few different color choices and designs such as desert storm, digital, snake and more. The hunting or outdoor camouflage patterns can have marsh, winter, blaze for fall, pink and of course more purple like Muddy Girl.

All these different patterns and choices are one of the reasons that southern and country girl lingerie never get old news. Each Year they are one of better selling patterns for swimsuits, hoodies, tees, leggings, wedding rings and much more. They are also used for many different wedding themes including military, hunting, southern, country weddings and of course cowboy and cowgirl or western girls love it too!

At Southern Sisters Designs we design, sell and resell a lot of different camouflage lingerie choices from garters to wedding lingerie and everything in between and to be honest most of the time you don’t need a reason to put on our latest baby doll outfit or satin night robe with the traditional deer skull printed on it.

This year We have taken the Country Wedding Lingerie a little bit further with a few funny and perfect wedding gifts that can be a little naughty or risque but perfect for lingerie parties for the bride, honeymoon gifts or bachelorette party gifts.

  1. His Other Ride is A Truck: Sexy Country Girl Panty ( we also have one that says Diesel if your guy drives one )
Funny Country Girl Truck Lingerie Panty

2) Camouflage Bra and Thong – With Purple Lace

Country Bra and Panty Set

3) Hook and Antler Lingerie with Camisole and Sexy Booty Short Panties With Lace

Fishing and Hunting Lingerie at Its Best – Lace and Camo!

These are just a few of the best sellers that we have on sale today! Click the Pictures above or use the links!

Over 150,000 orders sold and shipped by Southern Sisters Designs Beauty and Fashion for the Country and Southern Girls! We have may different country type sections on our website including country wedding rings, We also have an entire section devoted to those that want to create personalized lingerie gifts where names, dates, text and picture options can all be added for those that want to offer custom panties, booty shorts and even camisoles.

What Is The Best Clarifying Shampoo and What Does It Do?

The 1st part of the question is obviously and opinion but the overwhelmingly majority of people that use Zincplex will tell you that it is by far for removing scalp buildup and the excess sebum and product build up in the hair but a good clarifying shampoos does much more than that.

Are There Different Grades of These Build Up Removal Shampoos?

We first of all most of these simply strip the hair. This is important to know because just stripping with a really harsh formula that includes a large amount of surfactant can actually a lot more harm than good and this especially applies to the long term. Remember that the exterior layers of the hair and the skin are protectants more than anything. They provide barriers to keep fungus, mites, dirt, bacteria out of the skin. The outter most layers of the hair provide the protection from moisture leaving the hair. So it stands to really that if you are stripping your hair with harsh chemicals that you are also destroying a very important part of the synergy that the body uses to protect itself.

The herbal based treatments are what you want to use to remove all the build up. The most well known is the Zincplex complex of herbs that include the purifying thyme and sage and also burdock which helps to literally melt away stubborn sebum. Sage is great for blood flow but also as an irrigant to open up tough clogs at the opening of the hair follicle and also helps to deep cleanse the inside the hair follicles.

Make sure to get the Herbal Clarifying Shampoo that will Detox and Deep Cleanse to open hair follicles and Remove Buildup.

Hair Product Build Up Before And After Picture

Hair Product Buildup Before and After Picture
Picture of Crusty Scalp, Dandruff, Product, Sebum and Seborrhea Build Up

Which Works Best Shampoos or Scalp Scrubs to Exfoliate

The best hair products to exfoliate the scalp are actually the Mineral Scalp Scrubs. These work by using the salt crystals, herbs and minerals along with slight abrasion on the scalp to open the the hair follicles and remove the hair product buildup. This is extremely important for just about everybody but very important for those that have dandruff, flaking, itching or even slower hair growth problems. It will do an amazing job of getting years of build up in the hair gone in just a few uses.

For nearly 20 years Zincplex Hair Products has been the customer choice for creating a healthy scalp and healthy growing hair from the root all the way to the tip. This means hair that grows the diameter, thickness that it should and at a good rate. This means that your hair shouldn’t break easily and should be one of easiest to style while looking and feeling super hydrated and never dry of coarse.

Almost none of the Top Tier Hair Shampoo Companies do anything to address the build up on the root, inside the follicle and at the opening of the pore. This is vital, especially as we age to keep these areas clean and working properly for healthy hair growth and appearance.

Country Wedding Ideas and Themes – These Are Our Best Sellers

One of the most sought after wedding themes is the Country Theme. Everyone from southern to those that love the Country Life. For most women they started as little girls maybe growing up on the farm, ranch, rodeo loving the country quotes and life style, dreaming of their wedding day and running it through over and over in their minds til they get it perfect. So now its time to take a few minutes and tell you that Southern Sisters Designs has been supply country weddings and of course the country bride and groom for nearly 20 years. Here are a few of out top sellers every single year. And this includes a few great bachelorette gifts for the bride at her different parties. We also have a list of country wedding groomsmen gifts for those that might be wanting some ideas for gifts for the guys.

Country Wedding Ring Choices

Country Wedding Rings are without a doubt camo. Yes, we have hunting and some of the different similar themes with fishing, hiking etc but the camouflage wedding bands and engagement rings or even promise rings are by far the best sellers. And why not there is just about every single pattern and color you can choose from on our site. We make sure to stock premium tungsten and titanium rings that all have extended warranties. Not gonna lie you can pay more for the same ring somewhere else – but that is not what we are here for. Premium Wedding Rings at Fair Prices!

  1. Matching Couples Camo Wedding Rings Including Engagement Ring.
His and Hers Country Wedding Rings

2) Matching Country Couples Wedding Bands:
Pink Womens and Mens Country Wedding Band Set

Traditional Hunting Camo His and Hers Wedding Ring Set and many more. Visit – The Leading Country Outfitter that has sold over 150,000 orders and still going strong!

Cowboy and Cowgirl Rings Are Great For A Country Wedding Theme

Some Great – Country Wedding Bride Gifts

Country Bride Lingerie – You May Now Bang The Bride!

Country Bachelorette Panty Gift – Backwoods and Sexy to Say The Least

Country Honeymoon Lingerie – His Other Ride Is A Truck!

Sexy Country Girl Panty – His Other Ride Is A Truck Great Honeymoon Lingerie

You can also find our list of cowgirl promise rings for the southern and cow girls of the world. Some unique and extra perfect rings that are hard to find anywhere else to make your experience one of a kind. She doesn’t have to love trucks, fishing, hunting, rodeos and country music or even that way of life to love many of the great gift ideas that Southern Sisters Designs is showing so have a look!

We showed a few of our bride to be lingerie options that mostly printed bride booty short, hipster panties but we have to tell you that these are without a doubt some of the best gifts that you can give. We sell a lot but not so many that it won’t be a special and unique gift. We do also have custom panties where you can write any thing, saying, date, or be super naughty on them.

Always check back as we are offering new items weekly to keep you trending but also still offering all of the classic southern outfits that so many people come to us for. Southern Traditions and Roots make for some of the most inspired clothing options! #countrylife #countryweddings #countryoutfits #bridelingerie

How To Reduce Sebum Production On Scalp?

Over production of sebum on the scalp and skin is ones of the most common problems that both men and women suffer from. The sebum can also cause a lot of different problems if the flow is not reduced. For example most men and women that have the oily scalp or hair will complain of buildup that they feel on the scalp or hair. Often times there are crystallized sebum beads or flakes. These flakes can be hardened sebum or they can be soft and waxy buildup that is almost like a goo or gunk that can build up. Many times along with the excess sebum you can get scalp conditions such as itchy and flaky scalp or head along with sebum plugs that work their way around and also down into hair follicles.

What Can You Do To Reduce Sebum Production

The most common thing that people will do to help with sebum is a clarifying shampoo however, they do not work long term. Day to day use causes a lot of problems including the stripping of the outter skin layer that is there to protect the scalp. Clariyfing shampoos are definitely not the answer and can lead to long term problems.

The Best Mineral and Herbs That You Can Use To Stop Oily Scalp and Hair

The mineral that will change everything for you is zinc pca. This has been studied and proven to work to regulate the amount of sebum that is produced on a daily basis. This means long term results from oily scalp and hair. The most known product line for those looking to prevent excess sebum is the Zincplex product line. It also is known to work for root cleansing and opening clogged scalp pores for getting hair to grow its best.

Here are two steps that you can use to help reduce excess sebum which can cause crusty scalp, scalp blisters, sores on the head and much more. 1st use the best oily scalp shampoo Zincplex. 2nd if you are having extremely oily scalp along with scalp buildup then you should look to use the Zincplex extra strength shampoo or even the scalp scrub. This will open th scalp plugs.